Nicolas Cage role in Dead By Daylight news

Nicolas Cage joins the Dead by Daylight roster

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer survival horror & action game where one player takes on the role of the Killer, and the other four players play as survivors.

The premise of Dead by Daylight is simple: Four survivors try to escape the clutches of one evil killer, doomed to repeat the cycle over and over whether they live or die. The game’s newest character is a pretty unusual pick — it’s real-life actor Nicolas Cage. He doesn’t appear to be playing any of his iconic roles, like Castor Troy from Face/Off or Edward Malus from The Wicker Man. He’s just regular ol’ Nic Cage, and he seems pretty calm about his fate.

Dead by Daylight takes place in a hidden realm between realities, a nightmare world ruled by the dark spider-like god known as the Entity. The Entity lures new victims in and ensnares them in fog, pulling them into its realm to serve as either a terrified survivor or brutal killer.

Although it was a generally worthwhile event, you’d have to say that the main fault of the Summer Game Fest is that it lacked any major surprises. To the point where the most unexpected moment of the show is that they somehow got Nicolas Cage to talk about Dead By Daylight for a good five minutes.

He even managed to look reasonably enthusiastic and pleased to be there but then, despite what the memes might have you believe, he is a very good actor.

One of the most unexpected reveals at Summer Game Fest is that none other than Nicolas Cage is joining Dead By Daylight as a survivor.

It was clear he didn’t really play games but apparently he agreed to be in Dead By Daylight because a family member is a fan. So thank you, Nicholas Cage’s nephew or whoever that was.

For those that aren’t aware, Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer survival horror game where one person gets to be the killer and the others the survivors.

It got thoroughly mediocre reviews when it was released in 2016 but has gone on to become hugely successful, with a never-ending stream of DLC adding various famous movie and game monsters from other franchises.

Nicolas Cage won’t be a monster though, just one of the survivors, a parody of himself that’s still called Nicolas Cage – which sounds reminiscent of his recent movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

The fictional version of Nicolas Cage will be added to all versions of the game on July 25, but PC gamers can play a test version from July 5.

It’d be interesting to know whether his apparent excitement at being involved in a video game is genuine as we find it hard to believe that he hasn’t been asked before, despite what he implied

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