Nintendo’s next console is expected to release in 2024

Nintendo Switch 2 Already With Developers

Nintendo is reportedly sending development kits for its next console to key partner studios, with a planned launch in 2024. The new console is said to share similarities with the Nintendo Switch, featuring portable features and an LCD screen instead of OLED to reduce development costs and accommodate more technically demanding games.

The console is expected to have a cartridge slot for physical copies of games, aiming to address potential stock shortages by releasing in the second half of 2024. Shortages were a significant issue for Microsoft and Sony during the launch of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in late 2020.

While core fans are eager for new hardware, Nintendo might face challenges in convincing its more family-oriented and casual fans to upgrade. To do so, the new console is expected to offer a bigger selection of games compared to the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Nintendo has hinted at the possibility of backward compatibility between the new console and the Switch, aiming to expand and grow its existing user base of 100 million Switch users.

Will the Switch 2 be as successful as the original?

The rumors surrounding the Switch 2 suggest that it won’t have significant physical differences from the current model, which appears to be a sensible approach. However, the success of the console will largely depend on the games it offers. If it only includes a director’s cut for Zelda and experimental titles like I-2-Switch, its success might not be guaranteed.

Regarding counter-programming, releasing Baldur’s Gate 3 on the same day as Starfield is seen as a strategic move, possibly orchestrated by Sony. Baldur’s Gate 3, despite being more of a PC game and in early access for a while, has the potential to receive high scores and compete favorably with Starfield, thus defusing one of Sony’s biggest obstacles without needing any exclusivity deals.

While some people would welcome an Oblivion remaster, others express more interest in a Morrowind remake. They believe Morrowind offers a deeper traditional role-playing experience compared to Oblivion and Skyrim, and they wish to see that style of game return with modern gameplay and quality of life improvements, similar to the treatment seen in remakes like Resident Evil 4 and Final Fantasy 7. However, such a remake may not be likely due to the significant time and effort it would require.

In other gaming news, Minecraft players have discovered a vulnerability in modded servers that allows malicious actors to take control of their PC.

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