Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Tips for Playing As Lesion

Rainbow six siege is a very fascinating game with many operator characters and their different abilities. Lesion is just one of those characters, a great pick, owing to his unique abilities. But you may end up not utilizing several of these abilities without proper information on using them.

This article will be guiding you on how to use Lesion to the fullest, noting when and where to use some of his gadgets and abilities. But if you’re having difficulties progressing in the game, we recommend using Rainbow Six Siege Hacks to simplify the game. 

How to Play Lesion Like a Pro

  1. Use Lesion’s Gu Mines

Lesion’s Gu Mines are very useful additions any player of Rainbow Six Siege will want to explore. These mines are invisible and are proximity mines that attack foes for 10 damage after it is set off. There’s also another 4 damage that razes down foes’ health pending when the mine is withdrawn.

Use these mines to hold enemies down. It disables sprinting, holding them in place for you to finish them off with your pistol.

  1. Fighting Thatcher smartly 

When you are face to face against Thatcher, you should be wary of his EMP grenades. Especially since they can deactivate your Gu Mines for a few seconds when detonated close to them. This is possible since your mines are physical and electronic gadgets.

Once these mines are deactivated, they become visible, easily destroyed, and are no longer effective on enemies. So if you see Thatcher in your opposing team, launch your mines out of his grenades’ reach.

  1. Best Combat Partner

You may want to pair Lesion up with another operator when you get tired of playing him solo. In this case, a great pick is Frost, making a very deadly combination against any foe in Rainbow Six Siege. 

Both Lesion and Frost use traps, and their gadgets and abilities complement one another. A good scenario in their combination is launching Frost’s mat and then placing Lesion’s mind around it. This way, any enemy that survives the mat will lose his already depleted health when he stumbles out into the mines.

  1. Choosing a Primary Weapon

Amongst all the weapons in Lesion’s arsenal, a great pick for his primary weapon is the T-5 SMG. They are needful since he has to be prepared for close-range combats and long-range fights. Moreover, the T-5 SMG noted above is easy to use due to its high fire rate and low recoil. 

Talking about an attachment, the muzzle brake will be just great. These advantages make it easier to spray bullets at an alarming rate and a perfect pick for Lesion.

  1. Choosing a Secondary Weapon

Lesion is equipped with only the Q-929 as a secondary weapon. It’s a nice bullet-spitter with a sufficient damage output of 51 damage. However, the damage level depends on the amour used by an enemy. You may want to attach a silencer, which is recommended to quietly do away with rotation-blocking techs.

  1. Attaching Lesion to a Team

Lesion is a great solo character but will still make a great member of a team. Thinking of a team role for him, his 2-2 speed and armor makes him comfortably fall in as a flex. Flex is a person who changes his operator to resist a particular play style.

Lesion can counter almost all play styles in the game. Moreover, we recommend that you use him as a passive player to get the most out of him.

  1. Where To Place Lesion’s Gu Mines

Despite being a very potent tool, gu mines are very fragile and can be countered by some operators. A common way to destroy them is by detonating explosives close to them. So, you may put your mine on stairs or in hallways, but not underneath doors.

This is because it can be destroyed if a teammate barricades the door while the mine is under it. Also, it is counterproductive since you only have a limited number of Gu Mines.


We have taken the time to include information about Lesion’s gadgets, abilities, and even the best role he plays in different situations. You also learned when, where, and how to use Lesion to get the most out of Rainbow Six Siege. So, follow the guide and play him smartly. 

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