Spider-Man 2 Game Review And Tips

REVIEW Guide to Swing into Action

The Spider-Men take their adventure a step further to deliver an epic, intense and spectacular game that any fan of the superhero should play.


After years of anticipation and teaser trailers, Spider-Man 2 has swung into action, and it’s living up to the hype! Whether you’re team Miles Morales or Peter Parker, navigating the vibrant streets of NYC demands skill and strategy. Fear not, intrepid web-slinger, as we’ve compiled 19 invaluable tips and tricks to make your crime-fighting escapades smoother. No spoilers ahead, just a web-tastic journey through the essentials.

Recap for the Uninitiated

Spider-Man 2 graciously offers an optional recap video of past events, but for a deeper dive, especially if you skipped the DLC episodes of the first game, our detailed recap unveils the narrative intricacies. Get acquainted with the web of relationships and events that set the stage for the latest adventure.

Suit Up: Upgrade Your Health and Damage

As you swing into action post-intro, don’t overlook the importance of upgrading your suit. Prioritize enhancing your max health and damage output. The battles in Spider-Man 2 are grander and more enduring than its predecessor, making the ability to withstand hits and deliver powerful punches crucial.

Glide into the Wind: Embrace the Wingsuit

Swinging through the skyscrapers is exhilarating, but the new wingsuit adds an extra layer of thrill. Glide gracefully across the city, utilizing wind tunnels strategically placed throughout. Discover the joy of soaring over the East River or exploring the less lofty boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

Frame Rate Flexibility: Try the 40fps Mode

Explore Spider-Man 2’s visual options, including the unique 40fps mode for owners of 120Hz TVs. This mode provides a smoother presentation compared to 30fps while retaining the game’s visual richness. Dive into the details with insights from Digital Foundry’s analysis of Ratchet and Clank’s 40fps mode.

Main Course Before Side Dishes: Focus on the Main Campaign

Resist the urge to dive headfirst into side content. While swinging around NYC is tempting, prioritizing the main campaign initially unlocks essential abilities, side quests, and collectibles. Let the city’s secrets unfold gradually for a more immersive experience.

Strategic Completion of Side Content: A Balanced Approach

Iconic landmarks and recurring missions across the map build towards a narrative crescendo. Engage with side content strategically; don’t rush through everything at the start. Complete certain activities mid-game to enhance your understanding of characters like Kraven.

Sling Into the Sky: Embrace the Slingshot Launch

Unleash the Slingshot Launch for a rapid momentum boost. Hold L2+X to initiate the move and release to soar into the sky. Perfect for covering extensive distances, this move reaches its zenith when launched from a towering building.

Web Shooters Unleashed: ABC (Always Be Cobwebbing)

Master the art of web shooting—Always Be Cobwebbing (ABC). Beyond swinging, your web shooters slow down enemies, disarm them temporarily, or stick them to walls. Constantly spam the R1 button to maximize the utility of your web shooters during combat.

Upgrade the Web Grabber Gadget: Crowd Control Excellence

The Web Grabber gadget shines as one of the game’s best tools. Upgrade it to ensnare groups of enemies, creating a formidable pile for efficient crowd control and combo setups. Witness its versatility as it grabs objects and large foes, turning the tide in hectic battles.

Resource Hunt: Blue and Yellow Tech Crates

Scour the city for blue and yellow tech crates containing resources essential for gadget upgrades and suit crafting. The auditory cue of pinging and vibrant lights atop buildings guide you to these hidden treasures. A Crackdown reminiscent experience awaits collectors.

Dual Protagonists, Dual Upgrades: Balance Skill Points

As you alternate between Miles and Peter, distribute skill points judiciously. Both heroes contribute uniquely to the narrative, and certain segments may restrict your choice. Avoid putting all your points into one character, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for both.

Swift Transits: Unlock Fast Travel

Contrary to the open-world ethos, fast travel in Spider-Man 2 is a snappy and efficient feature. Unlock it in each neighborhood, then leverage the PS5’s prowess to teleport instantly. Save time traversing the city without sacrificing the thrill of exploration.

Prowler Stashes: A Nod to Miles Morales

For those familiar with Miles Morales’ journey, completing Prowler Stashes unfolds Uncle Aaron’s post-reckoning narrative. Uncover intriguing story elements while gaining rare tech resources to elevate your suit and gadgets.

Baseball Field Fun: Trophy Hunting in Brooklyn

Discover an amusing detour near Coney Island’s large baseball stadium in downtown Brooklyn. Running the bases as either Miles or Peter triggers entertaining dialogue and secures an easily attainable trophy.

Parry for Success: Master the Art of Parrying

As Spider-Man 2 introduces the parry mechanic, early practice on weaker enemies pays off in the long run. The ability to parry becomes crucial in surviving intense boss fights and larger combat encounters. Hone your skills for the challenges that lie ahead.

Difficulty Dynamics: Embrace the Amazing Challenge

The game’s balance can tilt as you accumulate powers and upgrades. Inject freshness into your experience by raising the difficulty, especially if you’re delving into side missions before completing the main story. Prevent button-mashing monotony with a more challenging gameplay setting.

Accessibility Advantage: Puzzle Skips and Health Refills

Spider-Man 2’s accessibility options empower players with the choice to auto-refill health and bypass specific puzzles. Embrace these options to tailor the gaming experience to your preferences, ensuring an enjoyable journey through the city.

Boss Battle Efficiency: Strategic Deaths

Optimize boss fights by deliberately dying after reaching a checkpoint. This tactical move refills your health without consuming Focus bars and resets environmental traps. Harness this strategy for prolonged boss encounters and emerge victorious.

Sky’s the Limit: Tall Buildings for Efficient Exploration

Exploit the wingsuit’s potential by leaping from NYC’s tallest skyscrapers. Unlocking fast travel in different city sectors enables swift access to these vantage points. Soar across the skyline, covering vast distances while scouting for collectibles like Spider-Bots.


Armed with these comprehensive tips and tricks, your journey through Spider-Man 2 promises to be an epic adventure filled with discoveries, challenges, and triumphs. Swing through the vibrant streets of NYC, embrace the dual narratives of Miles and Peter, and revel in the dynamic gameplay that defines this superhero masterpiece. The city awaits, web-slinger; make it your playground!

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