The PlayStation Showcase will define the future of gaming

PlayStation Showcase announced for May 24th

Teased to be roughly an hour in length and containing new details on upcoming PS5 and PSVR2 titles from PlayStation’s many first party studios, the event has immediately garnered a lot of attention and hype from fans who have been clamoring new information for what feels like an eternity.

We look forward to Sony’s preview event and argues that it and the Xbox Games Showcase will be the pivotal moments of the generation. Sony has announced their summer State of Play and it’s in pretty much its usual E3 spot, just late May instead of early June. And rather than warning people not to get too excited, which they’ve done for the last couple of State of Plays, they’ve actually hyped it up and said it will have lots of new IP. This seems to be it, the big reveal event that we’ve been waiting more than a year for. The ‘second phase’ of PlayStation 5, as people are calling it.

The thing that makes it unusual, and this wouldn’t be obvious to most causal gamers, is that it’s taking place before Microsoft’s event, which is more than two weeks after. Usually Sony makes sure they always go second and they’ve clearly benefited from this, especially during the whole Xbox One reveal calamity. So why suddenly change? Why give Microsoft so long to react to whatever they announce? The obvious assumption is that they think they’ve got a great hand to play and there’s no way for Xbox to counter it.

How, I have no idea, but after the first few years of this generation never getting into top gear this is surely the moment at which things kick off properly. This is the moment at which we see who out of PlayStation and Xbox will be dominant this generation and going into the next.

All the Games That Could be At PlayStation’s May 24 Showcase

With a set date now in mind, players are counting down the days on their calenders leading up to the event. The last time that there was a PlayStation Showcase of the same caliber was in September 2021, nearly two years ago. While there have been State of Play presentations sprinkled throughout the many months in between these two events, they don’t quite pack nearly the same punch, nor are they the place where Sony decides to pack in its biggest reveals. Although nothing has been confirmed to appear or even hinted at, a few safe bets and educated guesses can help create a blueprint what could show up during the showcase next week.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, the project has mostly gone silent since then aside from the odd rumor or comment from voice actor Tony Todd. With that much time having passed for Insomniac to be working on the game, a good deal of progress has likely been made, especially in the likelihood that it had already begun production long before it was revealed. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is still slated for release in 2023, and with the second half of the year soon approaching, it’s time for Sony to begin marketing its flagship exclusive for the holiday season.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Project

Another project that has been in development for a long time has been Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us multiplayer spin off. Originally planned as an add-on mode for The Last of Us Part 2, the project eventually blossomed into something far greater and exponentially more ambitious that needed its own dedicated production schedule. It has been nearly three years since The Last of Us 2 launched, with Naughty Dog keeping this mysterious multiplayer game in secret, aside from some concept art and brief production updates. With the recent HBO series having sparked interest in the franchise once more, now may be the time to pull back the curtain on this long awaited game.

Final Fantasy 16

Another safe bet would be a final roll-out of marketing content for Final Fantasy 16 before it launches next month. The game has a timed PS5 exclusivity window, so Sony will likely want to capitalize on that and really push it into the minds of gamers, both longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise alike. The graphics look dazzling and with a stronger emphasis on hack and slash combat mechanics similar to Devil May Cry, this latest entry in the long-running RPG series will surely be another hit for the franchise.

In case you think I’m being overdramatic, consider the PlayStation E3 event from 2015, two years after the PlayStation 4 launched. Sony announced Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Shenmue 3, and The Last Guardian all in the same event and the internet went insane. They were already doing well but that was the moment that they cemented their leadership, and it became obvious that Xbox was never going to catch up. It seems obvious to me that Sony would want to repeat that performance.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have a bunch of exclusives to show (they probably will but I’m doubtful about how excited people really are about Metal Gear Solid nowadays), just that they’ll try to project a position of complete dominance, where any possible rivalry from Xbox is made to seem irrelevant.

Of course, I don’t know this for a fact. I’m just guessing based on what Sony has said and what seems logical. But if Sony do have a boring show – and they’ve definitely had a bunch of them so far this year – then my point still stands, because if PlayStation slips up then Microsoft is right there to take advantage of it.

Microsoft understands the importance of the situation as well, they can’t help but do so given the rotten few months they’ve had. After years of no games and bad publicity they know they’ve got a lot to prove. Their event is two hours long (Sony’s is only a bit over an hour) so they obviously have a lot planned, and while it’s a bit easier to guess what they might show it’s harder to know whether it’ll be impressive.

I know I have a lot of confidence in Sony’s exclusives without even knowing what they are. I have very little confidence in a new Fable or Perfect Dark from Xbox. I’m pretty dubious about Starfield too, which did not look that great in the gameplay they’ve shown off so far. So there’s a lot to prove, as far as I’m concerned and, I would imagine, most other gamers.

So this is it. This is the big showdown. This is the ‘who won E3?’ of 2023, only without E3. I have no idea who will win, even if the safe bet is Sony, but I confidently predict that whoever comes out best after June will win the generation or, in Xbox’s case, at least be in a position to hit the ground running next gen.

I’m going to stick with my prediction though, by mid-June the future of this generation of consoles and beyond will have been decided. I’m excited to see how it turns out.


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