What Makes Online Ludo So Interesting

Thanks to digitization, most of the aspects in our lives have shifted online. From shopping to reading news, all of us can get it done within a few clicks of our phones or laptop. Also, during the COVID-19 crisis, people looked for newer ways to keep themselves entertained. Playing online ludo was one of the best ways to keep entertained during those tough times. If you are interested in playing ludo online, you can simply download a ludo app and enjoy the game!

While the rules of playing online ludo are similar to the physical board game, the user interface has undergone a huge change. That said, today many game creators are offering several options to players to even earn money by playing games online. To play such games, you can download the game apps or access websites that allow you to play games online. To earn money from such apps, you must deposit money into the wallet in an online form. If you win, you stand a chance to withdraw the money as per the limits.

What Makes Ludo So Interesting?

1. Easy To Download The App

Online Ludo game is as entertaining as physical board game. To play the game all you need to do is download any ludo app of your choice. You can also earn prize money if you win the game. Additionally, you can earn money through referrals. Once you register new players on the app with individual referral codes, you stand a chance to win money. Every time a new player registers himself using the same code, it increases the cash in the online wallet.

2. Win Cash Bonuses

Apart from the prize money and referral money, there are bonuses for winners in a game. The bonus is decided based on the number of finished games. Some apps may offer higher bonuses compared to others. Also, in some apps, bonuses tend to arrive earlier than others.

3. Playing In Separate Groups

The best part about playing ludo online is that you can participate in any number within the game. You can create a room for a group of friends and play with each other. Also, if you get on the app alone, you can either select a random person or play with another known person. You can find virtual rooms that are either private or public in the ludo app.

Typically, the type of look you can see for the virtual ludo board is its skin. You can set the skins on your board to add a visual appeal. You can even select from different skins at various levels. Also, interesting sounds can accompany each of these skins.

4. Game Starts With A Six On The Die

Similar to the physical board game, online ludo begins only when a player successfully rolls six on the die. The player then has to complete one round of the entire ludo board with every token. It means a player has to ensure all his/her four tokens reach ‘home’ safely. The player has to enter the house of the same colour as that of the token. While one player is busy taking the token around the board, others get the opportunity to knock it off.

The game gets interesting when you keep blocking your opponents’ tokens or capture a few of them. So, if you want to be part of the fun, download the app and start playing!

A few strategies that will help you win the game

  1. Ensure All Your Tokens Are Moving On The Board

To win the games avoid using a single token to move on the board. Make sure to move each of your four tokens and reach home as quickly as possible.

  1. Rule Of Seven

A secret strategy to win is to stay seven moves ahead of your opponent when on the board. It provides more opportunities to escape from your opponent’s token approaches. It is a tried and tested method for a player to survive till the end of the game.

  1. Have Patience

Try to keep your tokens on the star-shaped signs on the virtual board and stay there for sufficient time to plan the next move. This way you can get rid of other tokens that pass by.

  1. Try To Capture As Many As Your Opponent’s Tokens

While you are in the quest to knock off your opponent’s tokens, make sure to reduce the likelihood of your own tokens being knocked off. Work on strategies that will allow you to corner your opponents’ tokens while keeping yours safe.

  1. Use Probability Skills

A few mathematical calculations are helpful in keeping your tokens intact for the longest duration. Make sure to improvise your strategies as the game progresses.

Final thoughts

So, these were the reasons that make online ludo games so popular. While you can download any ludo app and play the game, beware of fraudsters on the internet. Make sure to play from reputed apps or websites. Also, use your money carefully.

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