The modern world is fast and often throws many problems at us. The recession was on the horizon when the pandemic hit globally. The pandemic started in China and grasped the world in just months. Several studies covered the personal and economic losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Center for Infectious Diseases Research Policy suggests that more than 20 million adults were fired from their jobs due to the pandemic. The study also estimates more than 6,00,000 deaths due to the various health complications from the deadly virus. The pandemic changed the trend of many businesses and industries. Several of them shut close, and many were treading on thin lines.

The pandemic and the worldwide suffering also led to a change in consumer habits and choices. The consumers who first preferred chemical-based products turned to organic-based products. Kratom is one of the products which was first known for its leisure value. The state of daze was an attraction for many. Recent studies show that the Kratom extracts have additional medicinal benefits too. The traits of leisure and clinical benefits combine to form the perfect post-pandemic product for many. The surveys show that the popularity of Kratom has gone through the roof during the pandemic period.

The other thing which the pandemic changed was the way we order products. The first choice before the pandemic for the consumer was always an offline purchase. After all, that was the trend since ancient times, but the pandemic led to lockdown restrictions in many countries. The stores were not open, and the markets had to adapt. It led to many turning to online purchases rather than offline ones. The trend was only budding pre-pandemic when the coronavirus pandemic gave it a huge push. According to the study by Statista, more than 26 percent of Americans started to order their daily groceries online during the pandemic. The numbers only increase when it comes to ordering other food products or appliances.

Kratom amplified the same trend, as the number of online vendors multiplied on a drastic scale. This blog will let you know all about Kratom. It will also help you navigate through the best three sites to purchase Kratom powder online.

What is Kratom?

Kratom originally comes from the southern-eastern part of Asia. It originates from the short Kratom plant, which can be easy to grow. They require less maintenance and even less water. The yield and plantation costs are nominal. The extraction process leverages simple tools to get the Kratom extract from the leaves.  In a large chunk of the last century, the product started to spread across the world. The start of the present century saw an astronomical increase in the consumption of Kratom products in other parts of the world.

The unique selling point of the powder is the versatility it offers to the consumers. It is available in various strains which have different properties. The different varieties are the Red Kratom strain, White Kratom strain, Yellow Vein Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom strain, and many more.

Now we will take you through the top three sites which have the best collection of Kratom strains.

1) Kats Botanicals 

The firm started in 2016 with a mission to change and mold the consumer experience while ordering organic products. The core values of the business place the consumer first which sets them apart from the other competitors in the market. The firm operates throughout the United States of America and provides quality botanical products to consumers.

Their portfolio includes various Kratom strains in the market and passes several lab tests for potency and quality. 

The different Kratom strains they provide include Maeng Da, Green strain, Yellow Kratom strain, Red Kratom strain, and many more. They also provide various Kratom products which are different from the typical Kratom powders. Their site has many attractive deals and coupons, which save a few valuable bucks. The user reviews and customer reviews are excellent and organic.

2) Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is one of the best sites for purchasing Kratom strains. The site vouches for consumer-first moto, and its business model is robust. The website in itself has an attractive design and is easy to navigate for all. Their portfolio includes Kratom powder and other Kratom products. Other products like Kratom tea are available on the website. It is a unique selling point of Kraken Kratom. Kratom is versatile and can come in handy with your daily beverages like tea and coffee. It binds well and complements the taste of the milk. The other products are in the shape of capsules.

The site provides round-the-clock customer support and is renowned for solving queries and various problems. They also offer free shipping across the United States, making them more attractive for consumers.

3) Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy hippo herbals are one of the most reliable online selling vendors in the United States of America. They have recently moved to a new domain name and changed the layout of their website. It is a site that is beginner-friendly which is a unique selling point. The site offers many types of Kratoms. They differ based on the color of the origination extract. The Red Kratom, Yellow Kratom, Green Kratom, White Kratom vary based on color. Maeng Da, Indo, Bali, and Sumatra are the Kratom strains in the extracts.

The site hosts many other interactive activities linking to Kratom and the other products. The website hosts many Kratom blogs and also several quizzes on the same. 

The site rewards the winners with various rewards and coupons linking to Kratom purchases.

Is Online purchase reliable?

Online purchases are the new trend, and they are here to stay. The quality of purchase can depend on the type of vendor you choose. There are specific parameters to judge the reliability of the online vendor. User reviews and ratings are the best pointers. Beware of the paid reviews, and look out for organic and genuine ones. The best way is to see how fast they resolve customer queries. Specialists also recommend visiting several sites which rate the online vendors daily.


Pandemic has led to drastic changes across the world. One of them is the online transactions and marketplace. The best bet is to use caution before selecting your vendor. Research the Kratom strains and how they can benefit you. Some carry heavy potency, and some induce a light state of daze. They are psychoactive, which can incite a light dizzy feeling in the system of the consumer. They contain more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol, making them relaxing for the consumer. Dig deep into the vendor you pick of the above three and start with your Kratom strain. The best way is to ask your experienced friends, who already have a reliable Kratom vendor.

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