PEMF Machine Buyers Guide 2022

Are you interested in buying a PEMF machine but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! This PEMF buyer’s guide will surely help you to select your desired PEMF therapy device.

Selecting the best PEMF machine for yourself is very important for your future health, but choosing the PEMF system that will work best for you can be challenging.

PEMF machines are very important to boost your health and wellbeing. However, some crucial factors can determine which varieties are best for which users and applications. If you want to order a PEMF therapy machine, we advise you to thoroughly read the guidelines.

Tips on buying a PEMF machine

Before investing in a PEMF device, it’s crucial to think about what you’ll use the device for and whether your doctor approves it for home use or not.

Also, keep in mind the following guidelines and medical advice from your therapist before buying and using PEMF devices to treat various health issues.

·      Intensities of PEMF machines

PEMF machines are frequently classified as low, medium, and high intensity, however in our opinion, there are only two varieties in terms of user safety and health effects:

·      Low-intensity devices like Swiss Bionic, Bemer, and Quantron (with an upper limit of about 300 micro Tesla)

·      Medium-high to ultra-high which ranges from 10 gauss (1,000 micro Tesla) to tens of thousands of gausses

some of the best-known high-intensity systems are helpful in the short term for treating localized issues such as major fractures. On the other hand, small and medium-intensity devices can be equally as effective as these while costing less than a tenth of the price (supplying hundreds of gauss).

·      Quality and safety of PEMF machines

There are numerous PEMF machines with high-quality design and construction. Most of the top producers create long-lasting products with control units, cables, and applicators. We still use early versions of our systems that are more than ten years old.

It is important to have a CE label which offers guarantees the reliability and safety of a PEMF machine. Many of the smallest businesses lack the funds necessary to pay for further certifications that are costly and time-consuming.

You have a right to assume that a product intended to affect your health has undergone regular testing, been documented, and has received quality and safety certifications that go above the basic criteria, especially if the product is high intensity.

·      Prices of PEMF machines

In the case of PEMF devices, neither high nor low prices imply efficacy or value for money. We’ve tested and owned several modest devices costing less than £1,000 for local use. Most had little to no impact, and we haven’t yet discovered a high-quality, under $2,000 cost for the whole-body system.

However, while systems price exceeding £6,000 may be worthwhile for some specialized clinics, but can be problematic for users at home. The most affordable, adjustable PEMF machines for household use are often between £2,000 and £6,000. All of the most well-known systems in the world are inside that range.

·      Health concerns with PEMF machines

Many people look for PEMF therapy devices because they have serious health problems, have signs that they could be developing, or simply want to improve their chances. Whatever your issues, it makes sense to regard it as a wellness technology that can assist with virtually any health issue, while not intended as a direct treatment.

When the body gets the right treatment, it can work as self-healing. Health maintenance and healing are not easy, PEMF is one of the best techniques to make them simple and easier.

Choosing the best PEMF machine may be confusing and challenging for the consumer. But a patient needs to select the best product for better health and wellbeing. The above guidance may help you out in finding a good device.

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