Where to Find The Best Dental Nurse Courses in The UK

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Whether you are looking to work in dentisty or searching online for a good dentist, it’s worth learning more about oral health.

A dental nurse is responsible for taking care of the patient. Without an able nurse, the dentist will not be able to function properly or carry out the task well. He is in constant need of the nurse to assist him. The concept of four-handed dentistry remains incomplete without the dental nurse’s presence beside the dentist at all times. As a career, dental nurse courses are pretty rewarding and remain in great demand in recent times. This is one such career where you get to make an impact on patients and colleagues alike. Training opportunities for dental nurses continue to grow as one can opt for GDC and NEBDN accredited training schools.

Enrolling in different courses means that the person gets the chance to increase self-awareness through the process of learning new strengths and skills. His career progression will not only be rewarding and stimulating but will also earn him extra potential.

Take a look at the following overview to know about the best dental nurse courses:

* Dental Radiography – Dental nurses who are able to conduct radiography will be able to act under prescription as IRR operators. He now has the knowledge and skill to safely take extraoral and intraoral radiographs of patients. One can acquire both a NEBDN certificate and BDA education in dental radiography.

* Oral Health Education – In this course, the nurse is taught ways to make the patients aware of better oral health. He develops communication skills in order to speak effectively with patients and convince them as well. From learning different modules to having a practical portfolio to taking an online exam, dental nurses courses are popular and enable dental nurses to become oral health educators. One can acquire both a NEBDN certificate and a BDA certificate.

* Fluoride Varnish Application – Under this course, dental nurses get qualified to apply fluoride varnish either on a dentist’s recommendation or as a part of an oral health programme. This is comparatively a new course in the field of dentistry and requires no exam. You can get a NEBDN certificate for this.

* Dental Sedation Nursing – Conscious sedation is crucial in dentistry as it enables patients to get the required dental care without being paranoid. Achieving this qualification means that the dental nurse is now equipped to competently handle the conscious sedation procedure. There is also an alternative for this course named Intravenous and Inhalation Sedation for Dental Nurses.

No part of dental surgery can proceed without the support of a nurse who has passed the dental nurse courses. At any stage of treating a patient, the dental nurse is required to provide assistance to the dentist. Besides giving support, the nurse also has the responsibility of decontaminating the instruments and maintaining sanitation in the clinical environments. He might also carry other administrative duties like noting down bookings, providing customer service and handling payments at the reception.

Becoming a dental nurse from a GDC and NEBDN accredited training school will basically make your career.

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