2 Important Ways Homeowners Can Take Climate Responsibility

The state of our climate is becoming hot topic as the warming of our Earth, and rightfully so. Many of us are crying out for affordable power alternatives that save our pennies alongside lessening the carbon emissions expelled by traditional sources of power to our homes.

If you are one of these people and want to start learning how alternatives such as solar-derived energy can serve your wallet and your carbon footprint, read on. 

Solar Power

You can use solar devices, such as solar panels, to work with a portable power station US. Power stations act as battery packs. Even though solar panels would be the kindest choice to charge a station, it’s also possible to charge them using general power outlets or your car battery when on the go. So, investing in a portable power station straddles many charging options, providing users with versatility on their journey to greener pastures. 

Solar panels can power your appliances, heating, and water on their own. Many people use a combination of both traditional electricity and solar, offsetting their carbon footprint and saving them money. This method comes without the larger initial set-up cost of panels powering the whole household. 

Solar energy can help you save cash by relying less on private and government-owned power suppliers, making your utility bills cheaper. Reducing your expenses is just one benefit of residential solar electricity. It’s also likely investing in solar will increase the value of your home. Homes with solar devices sell for more than those without them, and studies show that solar tech can increase the value of a home by around $15,000. 

Plus, because the sun is a renewable energy source, panels can convert light and heat into electricity for you for years to come, completely free.  

Kinder Cooking

Solar power will be obsolete in powering your more large-scale appliances, like an oven if you’re still running on gas. Stanford scientists found the impact of natural gas stoves on your health and the planet is worse than we thought.

Did you know that the methane gas emitted from home cooking in the US can be compared to the environmental damage of 500,000 cars? With over 40 million US homes cooking on gas, no wonder the emissions have become so high. Stats become scarier when you consider where in the home our ovens are located, right in its heart. 

These kitchen appliances are in place to directly expose household residents to the output of gases. Harmful emissions from gas ranges such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde can cause many respiratory issues. 

Using an electrically powered oven will rid your home of dangerous emissions. Even better, with the use of solar, that oven would be powered free of charge by our sun. 

It’s All Our Responsibility

Taking climate responsibility is financially profitable in the long term, and much kinder to the planet. Let’s not forget the awesome physical health benefits too. It’s up to homeowners to do what they can to take a greener approach, and with either of these options, they’ll be taking a great first step. 

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