5 essential power tools for your home workshop

Are you looking to spruce up the home? Maybe you’re thinking about starting a home business making furniture? Or did you catch the DIY bug during the coronavirus lockdowns, and want to keep at it? No matter your reasons or motivations, you’ll already know that it’s essential to get the best power tools in your hand. And you’ll also know that you’re spoilt for choice. 

With the cost of living increasing, you’re hardly going to want to go out and spend all your cash on every power tool you can find. The good news is that you only need a few staple tools to get on with the task at hand. And that’s where this useful guide comes in – looking at the five most essential power tools you need for your collection in the shed, cellar, workshop or garage. 

Power Drill 

Ah, the humble power drill – where would we be without you? This is a highly versatile tool that can pack a punch when faced with all sorts of materials. Wood, metals, stone, and plaster – the right power drill (and drill bits, remember) can create different-sized holes in whatever material you’re working with. They’re also highly adept at screwing things securely into place. 

Even better is the fact that you can get cordless options where trailing wires won’t distract you. 

Impact Driver 

On the face of it, there’s little to set an impact driver apart from a power drill. But you’ll find at least one key difference and that’s the amount of force and rotational speed that you’ll get from an impact driver. Milwaukee power tools, for example, can offer you 226Nm of fastening torque – other brands are similar. And it means you’ll get larger screws into more durable materials.  

Angle Grinder 

The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms in which you can add serious value to your home. It’s not as if you have to totally redesign them either. Sometimes, all it can take is a splash of paint or some snazzy tiles. The latter is where the ever-helpful angle grinder comes in.  

Tiles can be very fidgety workmates – especially when you need to cut them to size. The role of an angle grinder in this case is to ensure a nice, clean cut. In turn, it means a nice, clean finish to your job. This tool can even cut through piping, remove loose paintwork, or polish metal. 


Sanding is a laborious task by hand at the best of times. So, it’s not hard to see why a cordless or corded sander would appeal. There are various sander options that you can choose from. All have the same mission, however: to leave a super-smooth finish on all your woodwork jobs. 

Impact Wrench 

Last but not least on our list are impact wrenches. For anyone who wants to work with cars or other machines at home, you’re going to want one. The role of an impact wrench is to tighten and loosen bolts or lug nuts. You can also use it for garden projects such as the installation of decking or the construction of a new outbuilding. 

Of course, there are many more power tool options out there – and some may be better suited to certain jobs that you’re interested in. But you’ll struggle to go wrong with the five that we’ve named above. For speed, versatility, and convenience, these really are stand-out performers.   

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