A Door to Happiness: 5 Cool Hobbies To Pick Up During the Pandemic

It’s no secret that the pandemic has put a limit to everything we do. Going out not only smells of danger but also inconvenience since we have to put on face masks and mind our physical distance from everyone else every time. This has forced everyone to stay at home or to go out only when necessary, as when we do grocery shopping.

 The fun part, however, has been completely eradicated. No more malling or beach trips on weekends, dinners and lunches at restaurants are discouraged, and meetings with friends are not favored. The effect? Boredom or depression. And these affect your mental health. You’ll either end up so sad or depressed. That’s why you have to be intelligent and creative to divert these adverse effects into a positive note. Check out these cool hobbies you can pick up during the pandemic: Upcoming film premieres

Building and Flying RC Planes

Have you ever heard of RC Planes? RC planes pertain to small radio-controlled planes or aircraft. It works when a ground operator uses a hand-held radio transmitter to control it remotely. By using the hand-held radio transmitter, the ground operator communicates to an electronic receiver inside the aircraft. The electronic receiver then sends signals that trigger the aircraft’s movement mechanism, thereby changing the plane’s position.

It may sound so technical and scientific as it appears to be, but it’s genuinely one of the most excellent hobbies there is to try. Just imagine that you get to taste somehow how it feels like to be a pilot despite not being one. Unconvinced yet? Check Frontline Hobbies selection of radio control planes for various options that will surely fit your desire. For sure, you’ll realize that building and flying RC planes is worth making a hobby.


Soap making is another fantastic hobby that you should try. Not only does it ease your boredom, but it will also unleash your creative juices. Moreover, it only needs a few key ingredients, so it’s not as complicated as it seems to be.

To make soap at home, you need two elements for it- fat and alkaline material. Any type of fat will do. You can have olive oil, lard oil, or even coconut oil. On the other hand, the alkaline material pertains to lye. And lye, depending on its type, can be used for both bar soaps and liquid soaps. Further, it’s not difficult to find since you can simply purchase them online or at hardware or major retail stores.

More importantly, you need to handle lye in a well-ventilated area with a pair of gloves and eye protection for safety protocols. When fat and lye are combined, you only have to wait for a couple of days or a few weeks for them to be transformed into soap. It’s that simple; a combination of said key ingredients makes the soap happen.


Are you a people person? Do you love being in a crowd and telling them your ideas or inspiring speeches that awaken the dying dreams in them? Or are you the kind of person who just loves to entertain? Because if you are, podcasting is for you because, for one, you get to speak to your desired audience. And you get to do it safely since you need not be in the presence of a crowd.

Podcasting is a way for you to get your message out there and eventually build a community of people who share the same interests. Simply put, a podcast is a series of episodes couched in audio files. It’s like producing your episodes, and you can talk about anything that interests you. You may want to share inspiring stories. Or, if you love comedy, then you can be comedic by sharing funny stories to lighten up your audience’s mood. It’s all up to you.


Gardening is everybody’s favorite hobby. And there’s no reason for you not to love it. It does not only release your stress but also gives you some sense of freedom. And freedom is appealing. You are free to plant flowers. Or, if you want edible plants, then you can try planting vegetables in your garden.

What you only need to have are seedlings and some love and tender care for your plants. Know that they can be your best friends in this lonely time of the pandemic.

Working Out

Indeed, the pandemic may have halted your routine. But it should not halt your self-care routine. And one way of caring for yourself is to work out. Working out releases hormones called endorphins, and these are also called your happy hormones. You need to be happy during these times. Now grab your dumbbells, resistance bands, pilates ring, and the like and start all over again.


The great depression of the pandemic may not be that unfortunate at all because it led many people to many productive and worthwhile hobbies and activities. After all, it’s not that difficult to defeat said pandemic when you try these exciting hobbies.

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