Guide to choosing a bedside table if you need extra storage

I spend the little time I have spare looking at designs for the home from a media wall, to storage solutions and now my focus for this year is updating the bedroom, probably with panelling, a new pictures besides a new bed with storage and a new set of beside tables.

Bedside tables are an integral part of bedroom furniture, they are popular for the beauty that they add to your bedroom interior. In addition, they make an excellent stand for your lamp, phones, and alarm clocks. You can as well grab a drink or snack from the table.

As amazing as bedside tables are, some folks may still have a hard time choosing the best ones for their bedrooms. Luckily this post will offer the best tips for choosing the perfect bedside table!

1.     Evaluate the Height

It is always best to get a bedside table that is the same height as your mattress. This creates a more even appearance and a more visually appealing sight. Another important factor in this decision is its accessibility.

When your bedside table is as tall as your bed, you can easily reach items on the tabletop while lying in bed. Choosing a bedside table that is lower or higher than your mattress will require you to stretch more than necessary to reach your belongings.

1.     Consider Your Bedroom Design

No matter how beautiful or functional a bedside table is, it will be a waste of space if it does not complement the overall bedroom decor. When choosing a bedside table, make sure that the color and pattern match the other furniture in the room and the color of the walls and floor. You don’t want your room to look busy and chaotic. A tip to avoid this is to make or buy all the furniture at the same time and in the same place. This way you are certain that the furniture are a perfect fit.

Alternatively, you may want a bedside table with a little more uniqueness and different from other furniture. Although this is achievable, it can be tricky. One way to go about this is by picking different shades of the same color; the bedside table can be slightly lighter or darker or it can be another complementary color entirely.

1.     Don’t Forget About the Surface Area

Maybe you are someone who likes having a lot of items around. Consider the surface area of the bedside table before buying. You want to make sure that your bedside table top can accommodate all the necessary items like your lamp, alarm, phone, and any other item you want close to you. However, you also want to avoid clutter. So only place the relevant items on the surface area to avoid a crowded table top. Aside from aesthetics, a cluttered area can make it difficult for you to rest.

Final Thoughts

Bedside tables are the most effective way to transform your bedroom into a glamorous and functional space that you will love. They are also a simple way to organize your bedroom because they help to keep things close at hand. When choosing one, endeavor to pick a bedside table with a top space that’ll let you keep your favorite belongings or drinks close at night. Also, don’t forget to get one that is even with your mattress.

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