How Much Do Architects Cost?

If you are remodelling, extending an old house, or building a new house, you will want to achieve the best possible result. Building projects are expensive and besides that, building or improving your home is a project close to your heart. You may want to do it yourself, but this is usually only a good idea you have the necessary expertise. In most cases, hiring an architect to spearhead the projects is always the best idea. Skilled architecture professionals are well trained and fully understand the ins and outs of designing and building your dream. If you hire the right one, the chances are that you will love the outcome.

Take your pets with you when you move and be sure ass you factor in all the costs of your building project, you might be wondering how much an architect will cost. In this piece, we will help you to answer this important question. Cost of hiring an architect

The cost of hiring an architect varies. It depends on the complexity of the project and the skill and experience of the architect. For instance, you will probably pay more if you want a home extension. Why? A home extension is a complex project, meaning that the architect needs to match the design and material needs for the project to the existing house. If your house was built in the 1940s, the architect must tailor the design to achieve something in keeping with the existing house.

Therefore, you may have to pay more than you would ideally like for a new build. The cost of contracting an architect or an architectural company such as Humphreysandsons can be calculated in several different ways. Here are some of the standard methods:

Percentage of construction

In this model of calculation, the architect may charge 10% of the entire cost of the construction project. The budget for the project is set before the architect commences the work. 

If there is any change as the project evolves, the owner of the project and the architect will have to agree about any additional charges.

Time charge

For small projects, the architect may bill you per hour. In such scenarios, the scope of the project may not be well defined. This makes setting cost parameters difficult. The best way to navigate this hurdle for the client and the architect is usually an hourly charge.


A lump-sum payment works for well-defined projects. These are construction projects with a clear scope. And this makes it easy to forecast the costs involved. Moreover, there is room for negotiation if the work goes beyond initial expectations. Nonetheless, some architects factor in a risk fee in such agreements.

So, how much do architects cost?

The answer is not as clear-cut as you’d hope. To summarise everything, it depends on the firm you choose and how well you negotiate. Before you approach an architect, you should know the level of architectural design you need. Also, take the time you need to find a good architectural firm staffed by highly qualified professionals. You should know that the architect will use one of the methods we have described above to charge you. Architects in the UK have a code of ethics that does not allow them to charge unreasonable fees. Besides that, you can always compare quotes from a few firms — this will help get a fair estimate of what you are likely to pay.

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