How to organise your garage

Having a garage in your home is a great privilege for storage. It is an extra room where you can place your more practical items that don’t really belong in the house. What usually happens with garages, however, is they end up cluttered and unorganised which only leads to a stressful time trying to find the item you desire down the line. 

The traditional garage would be a place to store your car but did you know that millions of UK garages are simply too full of junk to fit a car in? Whilst not storing your car in a garage is a personal preference, having the option should still be there for you. If it isn’t then maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to organise your garage. 

Set aside one weekend and follow these useful tips to get your garage in order so you never struggle to find anything ever again. 

The clear-out

For cluttered garages, you’ll want to start by getting rid of items you don’t want or need. Learn how to declutter effectively and you’ll free up a lot of space for new items too.

We know there’ll be a lot of items with sentimental value in your garage, so if you’re not ready to part ways with them then put them to one side and find a home for them later. It’s important that you let things go that you don’t need as the less clutter there is in the garage, the easier it will be to organise the mess. 


Next, it’s time to find the right storage solutions for your items. Don’t just throw your items into any old box. Invest in storage bins which can be categorised easily. This will make it easier to find the things you need next time you visit the garage. 

Decide on what categories you have for your storage bins. This could be sports equipment, tools, wires or car equipment. From here, you can begin placing the items within these handy storage options and you’ll see space beginning to free up. 


Now that your stuff has been separated, make sure you don’t forget what’s in each bin. Label them clearly and you’ll know exactly where to look for the item you desire. 


Whilst these bins are handy for storage, you must place them out of the way to clear up floor space. We recommend putting up some shelving units on your walls. From here, you can place your storage bins on them and they’ll be out of the way, reducing the risk of someone tripping over them. 

Start your spring off right and get your garage in order for the rest of the year. 

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