How To Select The Right Air Purifier for People Suffering From Allergies

Allergies can make your life miserable. Issues such as constant coughing, frequent headaches, unexplained wheezing, and even congestion can negatively affect the quality of your life.

Breathing poor quality air can worsen the situation. Imagine coughing all the time. It’s annoying, right? Thus, it’s important to breathe high-quality air. If you are suffering from allergies, get the right air filters. Choose high MERV-rated 16x20x4 furnace filters. Here are the top tips and tricks for choosing the right air purifiers for people suffering from allergies.

 HEPA Filters

Choose HEPA-rated filters. HEPA, which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate, can remove almost 99 percent of air pollutants from your indoors. They are capable of removing tiny air particles. Remember, the tiniest air particles measure around 0.3 microns.

These purifiers are outfitted with dense filters, which can trap and clean ninny dust particles. According to experts, indoor air is filled with tiny air particles. To get rid of these particles, you need HEPA-rated air purifiers. These small air particles are responsible for triggering allergic reactions.

These purifiers use Impact, Interception, as well as diffusion mechanisms to trap tiny air pollutants, leaving you to breath quality air. Top brands out there are selling these purifiers. Consider consulting your HAVC supplier for advice. Also, be sure to purchase genuine HEPA-certified purifiers.

Air Delivery Rate

When purchasing purifiers for allergies, check the Clean Air Delivery Rate. Abbreviated as CARD, this aspect is all about sizer. Don’t purchase a one-size-fits unit. It won’t work. Thus, measure your space. A too-small filter will do a little job. On the other hand, a too-powerful purifier will overwork your system and even damage it.

Thus, consider your room’s size. For optimal results, select a purifier rated at 350m3/hour and above. It can perfectly purify indoor air.

Each Room Should Have Its Air Filter

Each room should have its purifier. No single purifier can perfectly clean the air in all your rooms. Plus, if you are suffering from allergies, you need air devoid of impurities. Thus, go the extra mile and get each room the right purifier. Check the size of the room. Bigger rooms require high-rated purifiers.

Extra Features

Choose an air purifier with additional features. For instance, go for a unit that gives you real-time updates regarding the quality of your indoor air. It should monitor the air quality and display the right updates. These air purifiers have three colors on their monitors. They include Blue, Pink, and Red. Blue represents excellent air quality while Pink tells you that your air quality is good. On the other hand, Red is an indication that your air quality is poor.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let poor quality air worsen your allergies. Bring in the right air purifiers. Get high MERV-rated purifiers to kick these allergies from your life. Whether it’s coughing or wheezing, allergies will frustrate you. Use the above tips and tricks to purchase the right air filters for allergies.

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