It’s Time To Wise-Up To The Challenges Of International Marriages

Thanks to globalization, the world is more connected than ever. And that means that we’re seeing a massive rise in international marriage. People are meeting on holidays, through their careers, and even online. 

But, unfortunately, there are some problems with these arrangements. While they tend to work well on the level of people’s personalities, there are all sorts of cultural and practical issues that can crop up. 

In this post, we explore some of the issues that you and your partner might face. 

Religious Differences

Most western people aren’t aware of the true extent of differences between religions around the world. It’s not just the objects of worship that vary, but the underlying assumptions about the purpose of life and the human role in it. These differences can have a profound effect on how people approach their relationships. In the West, for instance, there’s a tendency to see relationships as a destination – somewhere you’re trying to get. In the East, though, the preference is to see them as a kind of part of everyday experience. It’s more practical and less romantic. 

Parenting Differences

Then there are the parenting culture differences. Some societies are gentle and nurturing to children, while others raise kids in fear. Thus, the way your spouse treats you could be entirely different from how they approach your kids. 

Parenting differences can be hard to overcome, so you need to discuss them before the marriage begins ideally. You want to find out things like whether your partner believes in physical discipline and how they will approach matters of ethics.

Migration Challenges

Just because you marry somebody, it doesn’t automatically give them the right to remain in the country or automatic citizenship. For instance, you may have to fulfill ILR requirements – and these could take many years. 

Before you get into a marriage with somebody from overseas, make sure that you fully understand the migration issues that you face. Work out how long it will take you both to achieve citizenship and the hurdles you need to jump to get there. In many cases, it can be a multi-year process, lasting anywhere from three to ten years. 

Food Differences

If you’re somebody who loves to sample international food, then you will naturally welcome differences in the kitchen. However, if you’re more of a “meat and two vegetables” type of person, then you might find your partner’s diet a struggle, especially if you don’t like strong spices. 

If possible, try to find dishes that you both like. Even better, combine your cuisines, so you can include flavors that you both enjoy in all your dishes. 

Personality Differences

While international marriages can be harmonious, you may also run into personality differences. And these can throw a spanner in the works.

Remember what we discussed above? Each partner may have very different underlying assumptions about the way the world works. And this could extend to relationships. You might notice prejudices creeping out that you didn’t detect in the dating phase or differences in your approach to money.

So, there you have it: some of the challenges that international couples can face in the course of their relationships. 

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