Moving To Manchester? You’ll Need This Guide

You may already be aware of how magnificent Manchester, in the northwest of England, is. The UK’s second-largest city is recognized for being the birthplace of industrialization. With its unique pull, Manchester has introduced us to some of the greatest music artists in the world, and it brought home the Champions League trophy three times thanks to Manchester United!

If you’re moving to Manchester, we don’t blame you. To assist you in making a successful relocation to the city, we’ve put up this moving guide.

Keeping tabs on your expenditures

The good news is that Manchester isn’t as expensive as London, New York, or other big cities. You’ll still need some money, so start working on your spreadsheet to figure out how much you’ll need to save for rent, utilities, and other expenses.

To give you a rough idea, renting a one-bedroom house would cost around £750 on average, but rent varies considerably depending on where you reside. Council tax (yuck!), on the other hand, costs anything from £1,248.39 per year (band A) to £3745.17 per year (band H).

Best neighbourhoods to reside in

Of course, there are some magnificent places to live in Manchester. Here are three of the greatest locations where you may plant your roots.


The commuters adore this little city. You’ll be able to reach the subway facility and the M60 expressway quickly. The Sale apartments are located just outside of the city centre, allowing you to avoid the bustle without being too far from all the action. It’s a great spot for people looking to socialise and participate in activities. The live concerts and rugby club add to its appeal as a meeting place for those who want to meet others and participate in events.


The Fallowfield campus of the University of Manchester is located in the north, and this area is highly popular with students. A one-bedroom apartment may cost between £600 and £700 a month. The city centre is three miles away, so you’ll have plenty of studying time!


Salford is a vibrant city located in the North of England. It’s only one mile from the city centre and has attractions such as the Lowry arts centre and the AJ Bell Stadium, which seat (home to the Salford Red Devils rugby league team). You’ll also come across the University of Salford in Manchester. Renting a one-bedroom home can range from £700 to £900 or more.

A few last remarks on moving to Manchester.

Don’t forget to hire removal companies to transport your belongings. Remember to include this expense in your monthly expenses. Although it is not a regular expenditure, you don’t want to under-or over-estimate your budget while relocating. There’s nothing worse than discovering that you’re short of cash when you had previously planned!

So, if you’re thinking of moving to Manchester, be sure to use this guide as a reference. It will help you budget for your move and acquaint yourself with some of the best neighbourhoods in which to live!

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