Refresh in a Cabin with Outdoor Shower on a Hot Summer Day 

A summer shower cabin installed in a country house will make it much more attractive for the whole family. The modern luxury outdoor shower can be used independently, or it can be a wonderful addition to the pool located in the garden. Aquatica offers a wide range of outdoor showers of various sizes and shapes in a price range convenient for any customer.

Luxury Outdoor Shower for Every Taste 

Whatever dreams and ideas about an outdoor shower you have, Aquatica will help you bring them to life in the best possible way. You can buy the popular L-shaped shower or the ultra-modern Rectangular. The latter is made of ceramics and is a real piece of art. 

L-shaped structures are traditionally made of Stainless Steel, which perfectly retains its marketable appearance during temperature changes. It is not damaged by heavy rainfall, frost, or hot sun. Therefore, even if you install a shower in an open area, the weather surprises will not harm it. 

As for the water control mechanism, you can choose the most convenient for you: 

  • Self-closing tap 
  • Progressive shower mixer 
  • One-water stopcock 
  • Thermostatic mixing valve

All models have a floor mount and will be easily installed by experts. 

The Cost of an Outdoor Shower from Aquatica 

The price of a shower depends on the product material, size, type of water supply control, additional accessories, and other factors. You can choose a budget shower option from $2,900, an exclusive designer shower costing $15,799, and a lot of models within this price range. All showers are provided with a limited warranty of 3 to 5 years and the opportunity to return the purchase within 30 days. 

Call Aquatica’s consultants to choose an outdoor shower model that best suits the conditions of your country house. Let the cooling jets of water refresh your summer vacation and give you cheerfulness, joy, and optimism.

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