What adds value to a wardrobe

An often overlooked and undervalued feature of most residences, a well-made wardrobe is integral for any home. Over the duration of one’s stay in a single home, the wardrobe becomes an indispensable part of the landscape of the home. It sees the shifting of the seasons, becomes the receptacle that holds any number of treasured items and conceals all manner of messes from prying eyes. This aspect makes wardrobes an important part of any home. 

While selecting a wardrobe design, or while seeking to renovate and uplift existing wardrobes, a few aspects must be kept at the forefront of your checklist, to remain ever present in the undertaking of your search. To find out what makes up the best of wardrobe designs where we’ve compiled a list of aspects to consider when selecting wardrobes for your home. 

1. Material 

With a wide range of materials available for wardrobes and cabinets, the choice of a single one can be intimidating at first. To ease this process, you can begin by narrowing down the requirements of your particular space. These requirements can be functional (for instance, concerning the constraints of the site) or aesthetic (considering the overall look you want to achieve for your interior space). 

For a space that experiences dampness, you will want to restrict your choices to materials that are adequately water resistant. Keeping in mind the specific demands of your site will ensure that you select the best possible material to provide the most durable results. 

The conventional expectation is for wardrobes to be made out of wood, but with technological innovation, we now have at our disposal a range of synthetic and processed materials that can mimic any material found in nature. We no longer have to limit our aesthetic vision to the various polishes of wood, instead we can choose to expand it to new territories. 

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2. Storage Solutions 

A good wardrobe takes into account the specific needs of the users to efficiently accommodate all storage requirements within the constraints of the site. Aside from the inbuilt framing of the wardrobe, you will also be able to find a number of wardrobe fittings that cater to specific storage needs. This includes but is not limited to storage racks for jewelry, neckties, undergarments, bags, shoes, and etcetera. The height and width of each shelf also dictates what kind of objects can be stored there. 

For all residential spaces, it is best to create a custom designed wardrobe interior that caters specifically to the needs of the residents and the kind of storage they require. 

By accounting for each of these needs, a well-designed wardrobe appears to anticipate a need and create room for it. By employing this space maximizing storage solutions, a wardrobe can be made efficient and organized, thus reducing clutter and extraneous detail. 

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3. Lighting 

As with any recessed space, wardrobes can sometimes appear too dark, with long forgotten objects lying concealed in their depths. In all interiors, space is carved out using light as a medium against a canvas of inky darkness. By intelligent placement of light fixtures, the wardrobe space can be made well-lit and aesthetically pleasant. 

Lighting can be done extraneously, by orienting lighting fixtures to account for the wardrobe space, and it can also be done in the interior of the wardrobe itself. Lighting fixtures can be installed in the interior of wardrobes, and can be made touch/movement sensitive so that they are activated when the doors are opened. 

The trick to creating a well-lit space is to retain a touch of sensitivity when approaching the task. Instead of drenching the entire space in light, one must be sparing in its use. The resulting contrast between light and dark spaces will help to create a visual hierarchy that defines the personality of the interior space. 

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4. Craftsmanship

The measure of any interior fitting is determined by the kind of craftsmanship apparent in its manufacturing. For natural materials, like wood, the finesse of the carving, joinery details and overall assembly is apparent for all to see. Even in synthetic materials, where the process is largely mechanized, the sensitivity and attention to detail reveals itself when the entire project comes together. 

If the quality of craftsmanship is compromised, the overall appearance of the whole space tends to look shoddy and low quality. Anyone who experiences the space is clearly able to tell where corners have been cut and quality has been compromised. This is also why so many DIY projects end up being a waste of time, effort and material. No matter the enthusiasm, amateurs cannot imitate the years of experience and dedication to craft exhibited by a professional. Here at our studio, you will experience some of the finest examples of craftsmanship displayed in wardrobe designs in Abu Dhabi. 

While good quality craftsmanship can entail a higher initial cost, it tends to recover those costs over the span of its lifetime due to the durability and aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

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