Why you should use a locksmith software

The earliest pin tumblers were carved in wood by Egyptians, 4,000 years ago. Locksmiths still make keys and change locks, but they’re now servicing computerized locks and installing high-tech security. Why do some locksmiths still use pen and paper to schedule and bill work?

Instead of buying new calendars and appointment diaries for every employee, invest in locksmith software. On top of that, the greatest systems assist simplify processes and enhancing customer service. What’s not to like?

What locksmith management software do you need?

A probable locksmith management software question: Was it difficult to set up? The best systems integrate with billing and accounting software like QuickBooks. Exporting your existing client database saves hours of data entry.

These solutions also eliminate the requirement to create new customer billing and dispatch files. You may make work orders and maintain notes in one spot. Regular access to customer data helps employees function more efficiently. Client satisfaction fosters referrals and repeats business.

The prospect of having to install and set up management software on all of your desktops and mobile devices is enough to make you cringe. A company’s technical assistance and training should be good. Smart support staff can remotely connect to your PCs and install software with no fuss.

The top firms go even farther, offering remote training sessions for groups or individuals. This saves you time, money, and worry, allowing you to concentrate on your strengths.

The Right Tools

After determining which locksmith management software is compatible with your present systems, be sure it has all the functionality you need now and in the future. They go beyond scheduling and billing. They include task cost estimation tools, real-time asset monitoring, and vehicle maintenance reminders.

AI isn’t only for time-travelling Arnold Schwarzenegger robots. These devices leverage AI to offer users a competitive advantage over those still scratching the paper with lead sticks. They can compute commissions, monitor marketing efforts, and collect client feedback. Systems can even optimize service routes, saving your personnel time idling in traffic or asking for directions.

Because most locksmith work is done on the road, they require portable equipment. Test the locksmith management software on mobile devices. The finest solutions enable you to schedule work from HQ and have them sent to an employee’s phone through an app. Employees may also provide live updates.

If work takes longer than expected, you may send another person to keep your clients satisfied. Customer electronic signatures are legally legitimate and quickly add a record of the work to your database. The correct management software may replace a full-time staff for a fraction of the expense.

The true issue is whether you can afford to update to locksmith management software or not.

Remember the human factor

Despite all the hype about technology, remember that people are still a company’s most precious asset. Choose a business with years of experience (if not decades). Do not invest time and money in a new system just to have the firm that maintains it goes out of business the following week.

Reputable businesses will have positive web ratings and be happy to connect you with satisfied consumers. In 2014, e-commerce theft cost retailers $32 million. Do your part to prevent becoming a statistic.

A Future Investment

Technology keeps turning science fiction into reality. Buy locks that enable delivery workers to leave products securely inside even when no one is home or that open with a phone twist for a few hundred dollars.

If the horse has fled, no amount of fancy locks and keys will help. Don’t fall behind the times. Upgrade from scribbled notes and tack boards to the newest locksmith management software now.

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