Employing Non-Attorney Sales and Management Experts in a Law Firm: Does It Work?

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For any lawyer to be successful in their practice, they need to put more weight on their sales and management operations. That means providing services equal to or better than others in the industry and getting profit from them. 

As an attorney, you’ll need enough time to carry out your legal profession obligations and spend with clients all days of the week. In addition, you want to dedicate all your working time to attend to your clients since taking a day off could lead to the loss of thousands of dollars from them.

That brings the need to employ sales and management experts in your law firm to ensure they handle the departments as you concentrate on providing legal services. Below are the six reasons why you should consider hiring the much-needed non-lawyer employees in your law firm:

1. The Sales and Management Professionals Will Have More Time To Market Your Firm Than Your Attorneys

If you have no sales and management employees, you will have to spend most of your time managing and selling your firm and leave the sales practice to your partners. Instead of spending time on something someone else can do, hiring someone to take care of it as you concentrate on current and potential clients’ needs would be better.

2. A Manager Will Make All Other Employee’s and Partner’s Work Easier

Law firm management becomes easier if you hire a manager. They will handle the daily office business operations, appointment booking, scheduling bookings, requesting supplies, and maintaining the firm’s equipment. They will also assist salespeople, secretaries, and paralegals in planning client meetings, opening files, and other legal processes. Since they can access client cases and documents, a manager will also file and track significant amounts of information and data.

3. Sales and Management Experts Leverage the Firm’s Time

Failure to have the right employees for the job will make you spend long hours on research, phone calls, and meeting with clients before handing the case to one of your partners. That will equate to too much work and time you didn’t have to spend on a successful sales process. Instead, consider hiring a sales and management executive to handle your services.

4. Sales Professionals Are Better in Sales Than You and Other Firm’s Partners

Many lawyers may need help understanding how to arrange client meetings, convince them and eventually close a deal. They may have tried that for several years without success. Why not hire salespeople to sell the law firm for you? They have the skills and expertise and can do more business than all your partners combined.

5. Sales and Management Experts Know How To Handle Clients

Many clients complain they have not received a follow up call after the initial meeting with a lawyer. Often, many lawyers give up after one attempt, which makes them lose many opportunities. With proper management, the salespeople you hire will know to take time to talk to clients in different ways to convince them to do business with the law firm. You may not be able to follow up on that if you don’t have a good management team.

6. Salespeople Are Sceptic About the Services They Sell

Many practicing lawyers only concentrate on selling the services they are comfortable providing. That makes them market their services only and not those of other partners.

For example, a corporate attorney will concentrate on selling their corporate services, which is not wrong. However, if you hire a sales expert, they will start by assessing your client’s needs and then choose who to give a chance. That will give the law firm several opportunities for different services to a single client.

Bottom Line

Having a marketing strategist by your side, together with sales and management personnel in your law firm, will offer you numerous benefits. First, you will get sufficient time to concentrate on practicing law as you delegate the managerial and sales duties to the hired professionals. In the end, you will save time and make more sales. You will not also need to let your lawyers spend time on sales and managerial work, allowing them to serve clients and practice law.

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