7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Best Friend’s Birthday

A best friend— who is a best friend? The answer may vary with every person. It is a special bond you only share with that person and nobody else! So for some, a best friend might be that person you call up randomly at 2:00 a.m. for silly gossip. 

To some, a best friend means someone with whom we share everything that happens in our day. We talk to them about anyone or anything that bothers us. 

We do all crazy activities with them— be it random coffee dates at midnight or a random long drive at odd hours in the day! So if your best friend’s birthday is coming up, we know you want the best of the best for them! 

So here are 7 amazing ideas you can use to light up your best friend’s birthday. 

A trip a day keeps the stress away!

You can plan a short trip for the day nearby. Do quick research. There is plenty of authentic information out there waiting to be tapped! Take your best friend out for a surprise tour out in the open. They will love it.

They will love the efforts you make. Mostly, they will love your company. You can visit that place a day or two before. Take a thorough survey of the place and maybe do some light decorations to make the birthday event more lively! 

Home sweet home

If your best friend is not a travel person, you can choose an alternative plan. You can organize a birthday theme party at your house! You can select any theme. However, our suggestion would be to get to know the likes of your best friend. 

Since it’s their special day, please get to know first what they like and do not. This approach will help you plan out the best theme for that day.

For example, if your best friend is into books and they love dark academia vibes— you can do simple home decor or DIYs. Plenty of resources are available on YouTube to help you with that.

A surprise hamper—worth it?

Whether you are traveling or celebrating at home, you and your best friend will gossip and chat—that’s for sure. Why not make it even more special by giving them sweet birthday hampers? You can check out these super customized, budget-friendly hamper boxes from https://www.tasteireland.com.au/ 

A day with a noble cause

Another great idea would be to spend your best friend’s birthday at an old age home or orphanage. Orphans and older people spend most of their time alone. 

If you visit them, not only would it be a great way to celebrate your best friend’s birthday,  but it will also light up their faces! You do not have to invest in expensive things or do anything extra to make them happy. 

Just spending time with them and getting to know them or talking to them will make them grateful. Trust us when we say this— when you see that smile on those faces, you will feel like it is the best birthday you could have ever planned!

Make it interesting!

You can do a fun activity to celebrate! You can make a questionnaire in which you make a list of questions you wish to ask your best friend. This time can be a light and funny interview session. 

Your best friend will love it! Make sure you make the questions fun and engaging so that you and your best friend enjoy the game. Try to avoid any serious questions. It may spoil the vibe. 

Bonding above all

You can surprise your best friend with a movie date! Don’t tell them anything beforehand. Book the best seats available. Check the reviews of the film online. And you are good to go!

Conspiracy? Well.

Talk to your best friend’s mother a week before. Ask her to give you your best friend’s childhood photo albums. Tell them to keep it a secret. You can now compile the photos into videos or documentaries. They will love this like no other gift. No expensive gift can buy the joy of childhood that is far gone. 

Final word 

These were our 7 tips for your best friend’s birthday bash. Tell us which one you liked the most in the comments below. Also, tell us about how you celebrated your best friend’s birthday. We would love to know!

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