9 Tips For Starting Your Own Lightsaber Collection

Some people prefer to paint, others ride horses, many casually play sports, and then you get the connoisseur that collects specific items from classic watches, stamps, keyrings, to lightsabers. Having a hobby helps the person relax and take time out well needed for themselves.

Starting a collection can be very satisfying, especially standing back and looking at that prized possession with a sense of wonder. There are many items that people usually collect, like stamps, foreign currency, and soft toys that bring back fond memories. 

Living out a passion through a collection excites many people, especially die-hard Star Wars fans who choose to collect Star Wars Black Series helmets or lightsabers. If this sounds appealing, read on for more tips on how to start your lightsaber collection:

  1. Planning The Collection

Collectors could easily get carried away before the collection starts, especially after seeing all the fun items that could be added to the collection. Still, some planning should be involved before diving into it—all hobbies like these need to be thought through to avoid duplicating items and other collectors’ ideas.

Before buying that first lightsaber item, think of the expanse of the collection, how they will be displayed, where the items will be acquired from, and if there’ll be a specific focus on an item.

Write down the plan of action and stick to it. Becoming sidetracked could ruin the entire collection, and having a set schedule would prevent this from happening. 

  1. Realistic Lightsaber Replica 

Collections of any kind could be worth a lot of money, especially when rare or mint condition items are added, like a limited edition lightsaber replica. Making it specific, gathering items from one particular character, movie, or book would further increase the value.

Decide if there will be a focus on the light side or the dark side and focus efforts on finding items that would fit into this genre. 

“NeoPixel lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers”

Do Research About The Items

Even the most experienced collector may find exciting information about the character or items they’re focusing on in their collection. This could especially be true for a classic, age-old storyline like Star Wars. 

Dig deep to find unique items and backstories to add to the collection. It would make for interesting topics of conversation when showing off the display. Others will enjoy it too, but they may also learn something new.

Research is imperative for the collector wanting to know more about their items. Knowing their worth, the condition they should be in, and other details would help them to make better decisions about their purchases.

  1. Look For Items Online

A quick internet search could reveal some attractive buys, but digging a bit deeper could be worth it. Don’t go for the first items of interest; instead, hold out for the more valuable things.

Impulsive purchases aren’t the route to go for a collector. The internet is a treasure trove of information and potential buys that needs exploring. Look for items that other collectors are selling or websites specializing in collectables for the best purchases.

  1. Find Items In Collector Stores

Collectors can visit conventions, specialist stores, and displays of the items they’re interested in for more information and possibly a new purchase. Strolling around and browsing the store shelves may give new inspiration when the items are physically held and seen.

Every fan would agree that there’s no feeling that could top the one from holding and appreciating a lightsaber. What would a lightsaber be if a bit of role-playing wasn’t included before deciding to add it to the collection?

  1. Start Small And Work Up

There’s no need to start the collection with a pricy item; smaller items work well to start things off. Figurines sporting their famous lightsabers make great first additions before looking for that big-ticket item that could later become the center of attention.

One piece of advice for that slightly less expensive first purchase would be to find an item that would inspire the rest of the collection. The first additions to the ensemble will always be thought of fondly when looking back at the collectors’ journey.

  1. Take Care Of The Items

Regularly dusting and cleaning the collection would help to preserve its value. Keeping it in the best possible condition would ensure that the lightsabers remain pristine for optimal viewing pleasure.

Be careful of harsh chemicals that may damage the paint or materials and instead stick to dusting and wiping it down with a soft cloth. Ensure to read instructions for the maintenance of the item if there are any.

  1. Have A Proper Display Area

The display of the items in a collection is a critical factor to consider. Clumping them all together on a shelf wouldn’t do them any justice. A lightsaber should be hung on a wall, suspended from the roof on strings or a clear fishline. You can also put them on a stand. 

A lightsaber is a majestic item that has been winning wars for centuries, so why put it in the corner? Display it for the world to see with respect; it deserves to be in the spotlight.

  1. Organize The Items

Lightsabers are unique items, and organizing them could pose a challenge. It won’t be best to stack them on top of each other, as each of them should be displayed for the beauty it possesses. Consider finding innovative ways of organizing them, so each comes in its own right. 

The lightsaber is an iconic part of the movie franchise and should be organized so that they remain as such.

Collecting It All

Starting any collection starts with careful consideration of each item before buying it. Adding items to the display could make or break the whole project, so finding the perfect next addition would be essential. With such stellar movies creating the need for fans worldwide to have their own lightsabers, a collection like this would be the pride and joy of enthusiasts everywhere.

Feel transported to a place where wars are fought with glowing lances of power and start one of the most sought-after collections in Star Wars history.

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