All you need to know about second career programs

The second career programs are an Ontario government-based scheme that helps unemployed and laid-off individuals get back on their feet in growing fields. Qualified candidates can receive financial aid associated with their education. The second career program offers a unique opportunity to provide the skill training needed for intended jobs to people who desire to start a career for the second time. If you are an aspiring individual trying to bounce back on track with the latest industry-specific knowledge and skills, then scroll through this blog to know all about a second career program.

Who is eligible for this program?

A Canadian Citizen or permanent resident living in the Ontario province and being laid-off or unemployed for a valid reason becomes the first choice of the second career program.

Second Career Program: An Overview

The second career is an initiative by the Government of Ontario that partially funds the opted course. It is available to eligible citizens or permanent residents to help them get listed under the National Occupation qualification in Canada. The best thing about the second career program is that you do not have to repay the education cost to the government on being employed post completing the course.

Eligible applicants can apply for financial assistance of up to $28,000. The total cost covers the following expenses associated with the studies:

  • Transportation
  • Books, workbooks, manuals, and other instructional costs
  • Tuition fees
  • Living allowance maximum of $500 per week
  • Additional funding may be available for disability-related assistance and child care

How to apply?

To apply for a second career program, you can contact an employment service agency or seek the help of the Employment Ontario Counselor. These agencies can help you build an application for a Second Career Program. They can also provide you with additional information to help you finalize a training or course that can best match your career goals.

While drafting the application, one thing to keep in mind is to provide correct information about the nature of your preferred job and the intended training required.

Courses under a Second Career Program

As an aspiring second career candidate, you are likely to raise a question regarding what subjects or courses can be pursued under a Second Career program. The top-grade Canadian colleges offer a wide range of such courses to begin the new phase of your career. Here is a list of the most popular second career courses:

  • Diploma in Data Analytics
  • Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist

Career Progression after pursuing a Second Career Program

A degree holder with a second career program is no different from an individual with a graduate or post-graduate degree. Your career progression will depend on the selection of the subject and domain. However, you can be hopeful of finding a decent-paying job in the field relevant to your education.

In addition to gaining the latest industry-aligned knowledge and skills, aspiring individuals can build a solid professional network to assist them in their job hunt. Thus, you can maximize your employability with a second career program. Opt for a second career program to kick start your career for the second time. Log on to our website for more information!

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