Best Books Of 2022 – Which Books Can’t Be Ignored?

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Many people love curling up in bed with a thrilling book in their hands. Books can be an effective escape because they’ll transport people to other worlds. Other books are going to educate the reader and teach them life lessons. Book lovers will be happy to know that 2022 was an excellent year for the industry. Certain books released in 2022 are real page-turners that you won’t be able to put down until you’ve finished the last sentence.

The best books of 2022 will be explored in more depth below.

The Candy House

Jennifer Egan’s The Candy House is perfect for modern times thanks to its take on modern technology. The book follows a 40-year tech genius named Bix Bouton, who runs a company called Mandala. Bix struggles to find new ideas until he enters a conversation group discussing the possibility of downloading memory. Bix quickly develops a new platform called “Own Your Unconscious” which allows people to access every one of their memories.

Furthermore, users can share their memories to access other people’s memories. The story is oddly unique, and the writing is superb, making it one of the best books of the year. The cast of characters is likely the highlight. It is a must for tech enthusiasts.

Lessons In Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry has already established itself as a New York Times Bestseller. Bonnie Garmus’s book will undoubtedly captivate audiences looking to escape their mundane lives. It follows a scientist living in California in the 1960s. Her career is turned upside-down when she becomes a popular chef on a cooking television show. Elizabeth Zott is not an average woman. She is a chemist who proves to be skilled in other areas, such as cooking.

The men at her workplace aren’t fond of equality, except for Calvin Evans. After they fall in love and fall apart, Elizabeth discovers that she is a single mother looking for more in life. She will be propelled to stardom thanks to her television show called Supper at Six. Besides teaching women to cook, Elizabeth also empowers them to change modern norms.

Readers will enjoy following the early feminist’s journey.

Sea Of Tranquility

In recent years, Emily St. John Mandel has established herself as one of the best modern authors. She has already become a household name with works like Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel. Nevertheless, some readers will argue that Sea of Tranquility is her best work so far. Are you wondering what book should you read? Look no further than Sea of Tranquility because the book’s story is mesmerizing.

18-year-old Edwin St. Andrew is exiled after an unfortunate incident at a dinner party. He travels in a steamship until he ends up in the Canadian wilderness, where he hears a  violin in an airship terminal. The experience will change his life forever. The book catches up with author Olive Llewellyn two centuries later during one of her many book tours. She will also be impacted by the notes of a violin.

The book has been described as the author’s most beautiful one yet.

I’m Glad My Mom Died

Most people have heard of Jennette McCurdy thanks to her acting stint on Sam & Cast and iCarly. However, most know nothing about the actress’s personal struggles, which include addiction, eating disorders, and a problematic relationship with her mother. I’m Glad My Mom Died takes readers on a roller coaster ride through those struggles in what turns out to be a heartbreaking memoir. McCurdy was only six when she first auditioned for an acting role with her mother’s backing.

The book follows Jennette as she finally achieves her goal of becoming a budding actress and how it impacts her life. The book is excellent for new parents as well as people with troubled childhoods.

Below Zero

Below Zero, written by Ali Hazelwood, is about three scientists, Hannah, Mara, and Sadie. Hannah embarks on an Arctic journey that leaves her in an unpredictable situation. As an aerospace engineer, Hannah works for the American government agency NASA. She is sent to a research station in the remotest part of the Arctic. Following a mishap, she suffers an injury that puts her life on the line.

The research station is not easily accessible even to experienced scientists. Fortunately for Hannah, Ian is willing to risk his own life to save her from a long demise. 

Hannah is surprised by Ian’s willingness to help her since they are longtime rivals. She finds herself more concerned about what Ian truly means to her than the dangers of the cold Arctic.

The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the sea, written by Axie Oh, focuses on a young girl named Mina. Mina resides in a small village recently swept away by ravenous flood waters. The people in her homeland contribute the natural disaster to the curse of the Sea God.

Mina’s brother, Joon, embarks on a journey to save his sweetheart, Shim Cheong, from becoming the Sea God’s bridge. When Mina finds out, she too finds herself battling the sea in search of Cheong.

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