Do You Need Place Cards At A Wedding Reception?

Place cards can help your guests find their seats and also make sure that people who aren’t seated together are still seated as close to each other as possible. 

As you’re planning your wedding, you may be wondering if printed place cards are necessary. Well, we’re here to tell you that they definitely are!

For example, if one of your best friends and her husband are attending the wedding, but they live across the country from each other, it’s nice for them to be seated next to each other so they can chat throughout the evening. 

Benefits of Having a Place Card at Wedding 

Following are the benefits of having a place card:

  • No Hassle of Sitting

First of all, if you’re planning on making a big deal out of the seating arrangements, then you definitely want to make sure that everyone knows where they’re sitting. If people are walking around with their plates and drinks trying to find their spot, or worse yet, if they don’t know where they are supposed to sit at all, then your whole reception could be thrown off. It’s much easier for everyone to relax when they know exactly where they should be.

  • Sets a Tone for Wedding

Second of all, place cards help set the tone for your wedding reception. They can be customized with your wedding colors and theme so that they match the rest of your decorations perfectly. You can also add special messages like “Happy Anniversary!” or “We Love You!” if there are any special guests in attendance who deserve extra recognition during this special day for them too!

  • Organized Wedding Setup

Finally, having printed place cards on each table ensures that everyone has plenty of room for their food and drinks which means more room for dancing later on!

  • Friends Sit on Same Table

Place cards are also a great way to make sure that guests don’t feel like they’re sitting with people they don’t know. It’s often hard for guests to figure out who is who when they come in, and place cards let them easily find their tables and sit down comfortably with people they know.

These were the benefits of place cards, but do not confuse them with just married cards. Let us see what’s the difference between place cards and just married cards.

Place Cards vs. Just Married Cards

The most important distinction is that place cards are meant to be used at a specific table, while just married cards can be used anywhere.

Place cards are used to designate particular seats at a dinner table, or to identify guests at a wedding. They’re typically made of sturdy materials like cardstock or cardboard and can be decorated with ribbons or bows.

If you’re looking for a last-minute idea for wedding favors, we have a suggestion for you! Place Cards are an easy, cost-effective way to keep guests organized and make sure that the right people are seated with each other.

Just married cards are also known as “wedding favors,” because they’re given out as tokens of appreciation for guests who attended the wedding. They often contain information about how to contact the newlyweds and might even include a gift certificate for a future anniversary celebration.

So, if you’re looking to make your wedding or another event extra special and memorable, we’d suggest using place cards over just married cards. Place cards can be a great way to keep your guests organized, and they’ll help everyone feel like they have a purpose at the event without having to ask what they’re supposed to do next. They also allow people to feel more comfortable because they know exactly where they’re supposed to go. 

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