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The utility is any kind of service that helps in the smooth functioning of a household. It includes electricity, water, heat, waste disposal, TV, rent, etc. The cost incurred by these utilities is called utility expense. These costs are usually to be filled throughout the reporting period. These costs are associated with various departments allocated by the company depending on how the customers use their utilities. In recent times, bills for all the utilities can be filled offline and online, such as water bills, electricity bills, etc. A utility bill contains the customer’s details, such as the customer’s name, address, and account number. These bills provide details on the amount of service used by the customer. An electricity bill would list the number of units used by the customer in the previous month. The electricity bill is provided to the customer according to the units and the prescribed bill per unit usage. A water bill would list the amount of water used by the customer in the billing period. The utility bills are also a way to know the changes that might have occurred in the changes of the cost of the particular utility. The different types of utilities are explained below:

Electricity bill: Electricity is one of the most important utilities which is required for everything else such as cooling, heating, for any other devices, including machinery, refrigerators, computers, etc. The electricity bill can be paid online with the help of different sites and apps. Depending on your area and the company that provides electricity, you can visit the sites or download the company-approved apps to pay your electricity utility bill online. 

Water Bill: Water received in many homes is through town, which is piped into people’s homes and then drained into the sewers. The supplied water is pumped from larger supplies and reservoirs such as lakes, larger wells, etc. The cost of the water covers the whole process from the start to the end. The payment for the water bill can be made through different sites depending on the place of your residence. One option is BWSSB water bill payment online using the official website of BWSSB or payment apps.

Gas Bill: Gas is used for cooking food and is present in all the households now in India. Some states provide piped gas to the residents, while some places still provide cylinders to the residents monthly. They are delivered to the homes of the people subscribed to the cylinders. In recent years, gas services have become relatively easier due to online payment of bills and ordering of services online. These payments can be done with the help of various online payment apps. 

Gone are when one had to stand in long lines and pay their utility bills. Now people can pay their bills in an instant, uninterrupted and seamlessly, with the option of paying bills in online mode. No more tension and hassle about queuing up in lines to get different utilities such as electricity, gas, water, etc. Now people can pay their bills from the comfort of their homes as per their convenience. There are various sites and online payment apps that make it possible for people to pay their utility bills online from their comfort with the help of their smartphones, laptops, or desktops. Now the bills can be paid instantly. Some apps provide the option of payment no matter the state you reside in. 

If these bills are not paid in the prescribed time, you first receive a warning regarding the payment of these bills. If you cannot pay these bills even after the first warning, your services might be cut off temporarily until you clear the previous bill. Some states also impose a fine and add it to the next bill. The customer is supposed to pay the bill along with the fine imposed on them for late payment of their utility bill. A customer might have the option to call their provider’s customer service and ask them to resolve their issue. But, using an online app helps where you do not need to remember the due date as there are alerts sent beforehand.

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