‘Killing Eve’ New Video: Season 4, Episode 3 — Villanelle Surprises Eve

Killing Eve‘s Villanelle just won’t take no for an answer, will she?

See the exclusive first look at this Sunday’s episode (BBC America, 8/7c), and even though her most recent encounter with Eve in the Season 4 premiere didn’t go great — click here to read our full recap — Villanelle still shows up in Eve’s hotel room unannounced, with Eve arriving to find her sitting on the bed with a wet head of hair and wrapped in a luxurious robe. Enjoy those free perks, Villanelle!

Eve notices the bloody clothes strewn all over the floor (from Villanelle’s latest kill), but stops herself from inquiring further: “Actually, never mind.” Villanelle is eager to reconnect, asking with a smile: “Are you going to slap me again?” (Hmmm… something tells us Villanelle is kind of into that.) But Eve is through playing games: She says no and ignores her former obsession, going about her day and asking only, “What is it this time?”

Villanelle says she needs Eve’s help… but Eve encourages her to look to a higher power for that. Press PLAY above to get a sneak peek at this week’s Killing Eve, and hit the comments to share your thoughts on the final season so far.

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