Star Wars Movies and TV Series Affected by the Writers Strike

The strike also bars WGA members from entering studio-owned property, as that crosses the picket-line, meaning that Headland can’t attend any meetings on Disney property, including any meetings to go over edits, without risking her WGA status. Editors and the VFX department will likely be able to work through any completed footage during the strike, but it’s unlikely that final cuts can be determined at this time.

The Bad Batch Season 3

It’s even harder to determine The Bad Batch season 3’s status during the strike due to the fact that animated writers are usually covered under the Animation Guild rather than the WGA, and aren’t allowed to strike in solidarity. Some animated series are under WGA contracts, but that’s not information that is readily available to the public. The Bad Batch creators Jennifer Corbett and Dave Filoni are WGA members though, even if the series itself doesn’t employ WGA writers, so this is where things get kind of dicey. Their WGA status could mean that, even if they aren’t under a WGA contract with the show, they are still bound by the rules of the strike. The strike guidelines don’t go into much detail regarding animation, and writers are encouraged to check in with WGA leadership on a case-by-case basis.

If Corbett and Filoni are bound by the strike rules, they wouldn’t be allowed to offer any notes on scripts or produce any writing for the series themselves. They also couldn’t attend meetings or be available for input during recording sessions with voice actors if either took place on Disney-owned property. Scripts could likely still be penned by animation guild-covered writers, but final versions couldn’t be approved by Corbett or Filoni.

The strike may also affect recording lines by voice actors, as they would likely have to read lines as written and wouldn’t be allowed to ad-lib or change dialogue at all. The final season of The Bad Batch was just announced in April during Star Wars Celebration London, and a teaser was shown, but there hasn’t been an official statement on where the series is at in the production process, nor has there been word from Corbett or Filoni on whether the third season will be affected by the strike.


It seems like the Lando series has been stuck in development for so long that it’s hard to say how much the strike will even impact it. Since this series is still so early in the production process, the strike will mostly just put a pause on any script writing or planning that may have occurred during this time, but without any official word, we may not know if any further delays in this series are solely due to the strike or because the series is doomed to never see the light of day.

A Droid Story

Like The Bad Batch, A Droid Story is hard to determine how and if the strike will affect this animated film. If there’s no WGA connection whatsoever with any of the writers, then it’s likely that the TV movie won’t be affected. Given that we know so little about A Droid Story at its current stage, it’s hard to say for sure one way or another.

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