The Unusual Hobbies of Famous Musicians

Exploring Celebrities’ Unexpected Hobbies

Rock ‘n’ roll has long been a symbol of youthful rebellion, with its roaring guitars, wild performances, and eccentric off-stage antics. It’s easy to imagine rockers spending their spare time smashing guitars, tossing TVs out of hotel room windows, or engaging in other hedonistic activities. However, the reality is that many of our beloved rock stars harbor surprisingly wholesome and unconventional hobbies. In this article, we’ll delve into the unusual pastimes of some famous musicians, shedding light on their unexpected passions.

Mick Jagger’s Love for Bingo

When you think of Mick Jagger, the charismatic frontman of the legendary Rolling Stones, you envision a man who has been rocking the stage for decades with an energy that defies his age. However, beyond the music and the stage presence, Jagger has a rather unexpected hobby—bingo. As he enters his 80s, Jagger’s penchant for this tranquil pastime comes to the forefront.

Jagger is rumored to host extravagant bingo all-nighters at his mansion, although these gatherings are far from the debauched affairs associated with the heyday of the Rolling Stones. In fact, Jagger is known for his dedication to fitness, demonstrating that even rock icons have their moments of serenity.

Interestingly, bingo is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, drawing in a new demographic of players, particularly in the online realm. Various operators offer a wide array of bingo games, along with enticing promotions to enthrall newcomers. And here’s a curious tidbit: in the world of bingo, the call for the number one is “Kelly’s Eye,” a nod to the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, whom Jagger portrayed in a film of the same name.

Alice Cooper’s Golfing Passion

Alice Cooper, the original shock rocker, gained notoriety for his theatrical and macabre performances that often left middle America trembling in fear. While his stage antics featured electric chairs, gothic torture routines, and simulated animal abuse, Cooper had an unexpected and calming hobby—golf.

Away from the spotlight, the frontman of the Hollywood Vampires is an avid golfer. He credits golf for helping him distance himself from the unhealthy lifestyle typically associated with rock stars. Cooper’s love for golf is so profound that he regularly participates in pro-am competitions and indulges in the sport six days a week, maintaining an impressive handicap of two. In a testament to his commitment, his 2007 autobiography is aptly titled “Alice Cooper: Golf Monster.” As the saying goes, school may be out for summer, but golf is a perennial pursuit for Cooper.

The Surprisingly Kind ‘Corpsegrinder’

Cannibal Corpse, a death metal juggernaut, stands as one of the most successful and well-known bands in the genre, boasting 15 studio albums and global sales exceeding two million. Their music is characterized by horror movie imagery, explicit lyrics, and an unapologetically intense aesthetic—a combination that has courted controversy throughout their 25-year career.

However, the band’s frontman, George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher, known for his demonic, guttural vocal delivery and imposing appearance, reveals an unexpected side when he’s offstage. Rather than indulging in macabre activities, Fisher can often be found at his local Tampa mall, engrossed in claw grabber games. His Instagram account paints a picture of wholesomeness, featuring posts where he proudly displays the numerous cuddly toys he wins from these games. What makes it even more heartwarming is that Fisher donates these cuddly toys to local children’s hospitals, showcasing a kinder and gentler side than one would expect from his onstage persona.

Neil Young’s Passion for Model Railways

Neil Young, the legendary singer-songwriter and a prominent figure in the world of rock, folk, and country music, has an unusual hobby that may surprise many—model railways. Beyond his musical prowess and activism, Young is an avid enthusiast of miniature locomotives and intricate model railway layouts.

Young’s passion for model railways runs deep. He has spent countless hours designing and building detailed railway landscapes, complete with miniature towns, landscapes, and functioning trains. This hobby provides him with a peaceful retreat from the chaos of the music industry and allows him to immerse himself in a world of creativity and precision.

Rod Stewart’s Model Railway Mastery

Rod Stewart, another iconic musician with a career spanning decades, shares a similar fascination with model railways. In fact, Stewart’s dedication to this hobby is so profound that he boasts one of the most extensive and meticulously crafted model railway collections among celebrities.

Stewart’s love for model railways began in childhood and has grown into a full-fledged passion. He has painstakingly recreated intricate landscapes, including mountains, valleys, and cities, all in miniature form. His collection is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into building these detailed dioramas.

Terminator X’s Ostrich Farming Adventure

Terminator X, a prominent member of the iconic hip-hop group Public Enemy, has taken an unexpected turn in his post-music career—he’s become an ostrich farmer. After retiring from the music scene, Terminator X embraced a life far removed from the stage lights and turntables by venturing into the world of ostrich farming.

His ostrich farm, located in North Carolina, is home to these large, flightless birds. Terminator X’s transition from a DJ and musician to an ostrich farmer exemplifies the diverse and unconventional paths that celebrities can embark on in pursuit of their passions.

The Multifaceted Lives of Celebrities

These examples of musicians pursuing hobbies that starkly contrast with their public personas demonstrate that our music stars are multifaceted individuals. While they may captivate us with their performances and music, they also find solace, joy, and fulfillment in hobbies that defy expectations.

In a world where image and perception often take center stage, it’s refreshing to discover that even those who have cultivated a certain public image can find solace, joy, and personal growth in hobbies that are far from the spotlight. These unusual pursuits not only humanize our beloved rock stars but also remind us that passion knows no boundaries and can manifest in the most surprising of ways.

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