Which are the Most Common Types of Headstones?

A headstone is a stone slab put at the head of a grave, mainly inscribed with the deceased person’s name and other details. Headstones are an excellent way to personalize your loved one’s grave, and the best designs inform people about who the deceased was using various customization designs. 

Headstones are available in numerous designs; you must research well to make a more informed decision. These items have been used for many centuries, and can last for a long time, provided it is left undisturbed. 

Below we discuss the most common types of headstones, and you can find more here

Upright Headstones 

Upright headstones are the most common designs and what most people think is a gravestone. These headstones feature a vertical stone slab where inscriptions are put. The upright headstone is placed on a stone base, mainly three to four feet long. 

Buyers can pick from the different styles to put on the top, including pointed and flat tops. 

Kerbed Headstones 

Most people love kerbed headstones because they conceal the entire grave and have an upright die. These headstones also have stone borders on the edges that can be filled with soil or plants. These items are cost-effective, as they are easily manageable. 

Most mourners prefer these headstones because they have bigger spaces to remember the deceased; they can put decorations like etchings, vases, and statues. It is also possible to place items that hold massive importance to the dead person on this material. 

Flat Headstones 

The flat headstone is the cheapest design; thus, it’s huge demand. These headstones lie flat on the ground, but some have alleviated elements. Most designers include books to make the design more aesthetically pleasing. 

Remember, this design is slightly smaller than upright headstones but still has enough space to put the deceased’s details and meaningful words to remember them. 

Cremation Benches 

Some people prefer to remember the deceased with park benches, but a cremation bench is also ideal. These benches can be put where you have interred the ashes or as a space to hold them. 

Cremation benches are made using durable granite, like headstones, which means they are available in numerous colors and can be polished. These benches provide a perfect place for family and friends to gather when remembering the deceased, no matter the material or style you choose. 

Cremation Memorials 

Cremation memorials are chosen by people who have cremated their loved ones instead of burying them. Many designs are available today; some look like upright headstones but in smaller sizes. 

Designs with vases and urns are common and have enough space to store ash for future visits. These memorials have plenty of space, no matter the plan you choose. They also have sufficient space, meaning you can put inspirational words to remember your loved one. 

Final Thoughts 

Losing a loved one can be challenging, and we all strive to give them decent sendoffs. Headstones are the best way to keep your loved one’s memories close, and the above article has discussed the most common types. 

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