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Agile is also commonly known as Methodology. It is referred to as the software development methodologies, which are centred around the idea of the development of iterative. With the help of collaboration, the requirements and solutions evolve, and this collaboration happens between self-organizing cross-functional teams.

Learn project management methodology with Agile Scrum Master Certification. The ultimate value which we get in Agile development is that it enables current teams to deliver value at a faster speed, with the help greater quality and predictability along with the greater aptitude to respond to the change.

The concept of Manifesto is the development process or method to which it has been referring for Agile Methodology.


There is no doubt that is the process that is preferred more for various projects. It is expected for upcoming years that Agile will be having more wide users.

According to 90% of participates, it has been analysed that the implementation of PSM Certification practises has helped them to improve their ability to manage the ability to change. Proved as perfect to any kind of projects it requires a series of version or iterations which is required to review and improve until which the final products are ready for final use.

But still, there are lots more benefits that a person will get. Let’s know more benefits of the usage of Agile;

– Help teams to let them deliver a prototype and to improve upon it with each and every cycle.

– Shifting of priorities is more effective for teams if they manage to do so.

– This also helps to increase productivity in a fast and flexible process.

– Agile helps various teams and even individuals effectively to prioritize work and also with features.

– Teams can also anticipate incoming projects changes.

– Agile help teams to prototype a solution or to process for the very next version of the project.

– Agile can also support regulation and also for collaboration for troubleshooting.


The project manager has to look after the duties of managing all those days today complex operations that are required to accelerate by delivering to customers. The agile manager must ensure that the projects are must complete within the stipulated time, scope, and cost constraints.

Now let us know about questions and answers which helps for interviews;

1) Explain testing.

A.) Agile testing is a technique that is quality assurance in a dynamic environment where the testing scenario and customer requirement changes continuously.

2) Give a difference between the burn-up and burn down chart.

A.) Burn up denotes that how to denote how much work is completed, and burn down denotes that how much work is left.

3) Different roles in a scrum project.

A.) Scrum project deals with the proper work-flow, whether the work is completed. It is also responsible for dedication.

4) Explain product backlog and sprint backlog.

A.) The owner of the product maintains the backlog that contains all type of features and requirements for the projects.

5) What is meant by Velocity in Agile?

A.) Velocity in Agile is a metric which is measured the sums total of all the efforts to associate with users, which is completed in an iteration.

6) How Agile testing and the traditional waterfall model is different from each other?

A.) Testing is done at the end of the development in the traditional waterfall model, whereas in Agile testing, it is done for the development in a parallel way.

7) What are the benefits of pair programming?

A.) The benefits of the pair Programme are;

8) Define Re-factoring

A.) Modification of code is used to improve performance without altering its functionality is called refactoring.

9) Difference of incremental and iterative development

Incremental development helps the software to develop in increment or parts, and in every part, a whole portion of the whole product is delivered.

10) How to deal with frequently changed requirements?

A.) It is very to know the risk which will happen or going to come in the change of the environment or project.

11) List down the qualities of a good Agile tester.

A.) The manager should understand the requirement of the project very quickly, and he must understand the risks for the upcoming challenges

12) What is a Task board

A.) A Task board is a dashboard that helps the analysis of the progress of a project.

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