7 Souvenirs From Japan You Can’t Return Home Without

Omiyage is the concept of giving gifts to your loved ones after returning home from a trip. This shows how much value souvenirs hold in the Japanese culture. If you are planning a leisure trip with your family to Japan and don’t know which souvenir to bring, then we have got you covered. From Japanese fans and chopsticks to ceramics, we have curated a list of the top-notch souvenirs you can bring for your loved ones.

1. Japanese Folding Fan

One of the most iconic and best souvenirs to bring for your loved ones is Sensu or the Japanese folding fan. The fan is budget-friendly and an iconic souvenir that takes minimal space in your suitcase. It is available in different forms, such as a paper fan or a wooden fan. Sensu is usually carried or tucked in the kimono by the traditional Japanese people.

2. Chopsticks

Chopsticks are a must-have utensil in every Japanese household. Whoever visits Japan brings chopsticks as a souvenir. If you are a fan of Asian food, then you must get chopsticks. Chopsticks are available throughout Japan in every souvenir shop.

The chopsticks come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can also have your or your loved one’s name engraved on them. It is etiquette to place the chopsticks on a chopsticks holder to prevent contaminating them. If you are bringing chopsticks as a souvenir, then bring the holder as well.

3. Japanese Charms

Japanese good luck charms are quite popular in the traditional culture. People use them for good omens or during prayer. You can get Omamori, a good luck charm available at Japanese shrines and temples. Omamori charms are covered with cloth and contain prayers for love, prevention of sickness, and safety. They are meant to be carried in your bag or purse wherever you go.

Omamori is a perfect gift for your spiritual friends and a great souvenir to have at home if you believe in spirituality. You can also get Ema which is a wooden board on which you write your wishes and hang on the Ema board. Neko (Japanese for cat) is the most revered animal in Japanese culture. If you are a feline lover or have such friends, then you should get cat-based souvenirs.

You can also get a Maneki Neko (welcoming cat) luck charm, which is a seated cat raising its left or right paw up. Maneki Neko is usually white as white represents good luck, but they are also available in black or golden color. These luck charms are placed at the storefront by shop owners as they are believed to bring more customers to their shop.

4. Stationery

Kawaii-based items are the cutest and most adorable souvenirs you can bring for your little ones. Ranging from notepads, pens, glitters, and stickers to plushies, Kawaii souvenirs are readily available throughout Japan. Furthermore, you can also get Washi or origami paper. Paper folding or origami originated in Japan and is now an internationally recognized hobby. You can get original Origami papers from Japan and bring them back for the origami lovers in your circle. The origami paper can also be used to wrap gifts and gift boxes. Kirigami is also similar to origami in which you use sharp blades to make intricate patterns and cut out the paper to create a beautiful 3D pattern.

5. Decoration Products

If you want to adorn your new house or simply want to revamp your current home, then you must get Japanese decoration items. You can get Japanese calligraphy wall hangings. Japanese calligraphy is known as Shodo, which has been practiced by Japanese priests and Samurais for decades. You can also get a calligraphy set to practice calligraphy or gift your loved ones. Apart from Shodo, you can get Japanese incense products if you love the aroma and exquisite fragrances.

Another great decoration item is the traditional Japanese dolls. There are many Japanese dolls, such as Kokeshi dolls, Okiagari Koboshi dolls, or Daruma dolls. Kokeshi dolls are made up of wood and match perfectly with the wooden interior. Okiagari Koboshi is a cute hand painted doll. Okiagari means standing upright in the face of challenges.

These dolls stay upright despite pushing them, showing resilience. Daruma dolls represent Daruma, the father of Zen Buddhism. The dolls depict Daruma in a seated position doing meditation. Daruma dolls are a sign of positivity.

6. Japanese Drinks

If you love Japanese drinks, then why not bring home some for your friends and family? The best drink to bring as a souvenir is Sake, a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made by rice fermentation. You can also get a set of five bottles of old Sake, which is perfect for your home parties. In addition, you can also bring exquisite Japanese whiskey.

If you are not a fan of alcohol, then the next best drink is Japanese green tea or matcha tea. Matcha is a fine powder made by grounding leaves of a specific tea plant. It is then added directly to the searing hot water. Matcha tea is now popular worldwide, but the original matcha tea of Japan has no parallel. You can bring matcha tea bags or boxes. What’s interesting is that you can also bring matcha-flavored KitKat for your loved ones.

7. White Katana

White Katana is the most prestigious souvenir you can bring home. White Katana was worn by the Japanese Samurai was a lethal weapon in ancient times. There are many blacksmiths in Japan specializing in creating fine crafted and razor-sharp White Katana.

Japan is known for its exceptional knives and kitchenware. Japanese knives are famous worldwide due to their durability, agility, and precision. If you or you have a culinary lover or a chef in your immediate circle, then you must get Japanese knives.


You can get these souvenirs from different places throughout Japan. Bringing these souvenirs will not only amaze your loved ones but will also be a perfect addition to your home.

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