Best Destinations for Avid Gamblers

If you should describe your ideal leisure activity, you can do it in three words: gamble on vacation! If it is up to you, you will look for the destinations where you will not only find beautiful weather and good food. In all gambling destinations around the world, you can enjoy playing in both traditional casinos and non GamStop casinos in

Of course, when you think of travel, you don’t just think of gambling as you want to enjoy as many diverse activities as possible during your stay. Fortunately, every gambling destination around the world has great beaches, captivating theatres, fun nightlife, and luxury resorts. So, whether you decide to enjoy your night inside or outside the casino you will have the time of your life there. Here are some of the top gambling destinations around the world.

Las Vegas

If you’re a real gambling enthusiast, chances are you’ve already been here. That does not alter the fact that Las Vegas is of course the number 1 destination when it comes to experiencing the optimal casino experience. Las Vegas is of course known for The Strip, where you can find all the casinos with their neon lighting. When you step inside, you will see large floors full of slots. You can also play live dealer blackjack. These are all attractive aspects of this place. You could theoretically stay for weeks and discover a new casino every day.


Although China is famous for its copycat approach, Chinese Macau offers a unique gambling experience. Although Macau is still far from gambling the sin city, it lives up to Monte Carlo. For Asia, Macau is the undisputed number one gambling destination.

Some of the most prominent casinos available here are: (Macau Palace, Lisboa Casino, and Galaxy Waldo Casino). These casinos offer slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and even scratch cards. Furthermore, Macau offers a wide range of restaurants, casinos and nightclubs open 24 hours a day.


When it comes to the European version of Las Vegas, you have to be in Monaco. Moreover, Monaco is also a place where the rich and the super-rich gather. So you can do more than just gamble. Walking around the street is also a special experience in itself. Still, playing in perhaps the most famous casino in the world is what it’s all about. Here too you can play all the games that you can expect in a dealer’s casino.


The third absolute top destination when it comes to a casino vacation is Malta’s capital, Valletta. This has only become more important in recent years. While Las Vegas still has the name and history, Malta is now the bigger city when it comes to both online and offline gambling. Gambling is of course also very large in Asia and that all comes together in this city. The experience you can have here is therefore greater and more intense than in any other place on earth where gambling plays an important role. Places where you will find hundreds of tables and thousands of slots are the rule rather than the exception here.

Atlantic City

A paradise for gamblers has not only been built in the Western United States. A similar place has also been developed on the east coast. The nice thing is that Atlantic City has received more attention than Las Vegas in recent years. Partly because several TV series played there partly or completely. As a result, the attention to gambling in this city has increased sharply, especially in Europe. Moreover, it is fun to discover the differences for you as a player. If you’ve been to Vegas before, Atlantic City should definitely not be left behind and you should have been.


A top destination for a holiday filled with gambling activities doesn’t have to be all about long summer vacations or places to hibernate. Sometimes you just want a weekend getaway and enjoy all the good things there. In that case, Antwerp is always a popular destination. Antwerp is by nature the number 1 destination for a weekend away. However, it should be emphasised that this also applies to lovers of all kinds of gambling. The facilities here are of the highest standard and you will always feel completely at home.


Speaking of weekends away, you can also find a destination in the Netherlands’ capital where gambling is slightly more attractive than in the rest of the country. Of course, the Netherlands lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to a real gambling destination. Even tourist attractions such as Scheveningen and Valkenburg cannot offer what the toppers in other countries can do. That is why it is especially advisable to plan a weekend in Amsterdam. There you can still enjoy a diverse range of betting options in a fun way. Ideal for a weekend out to gamble.

Try All of Them!

If you are a real gambling enthusiast, then it is of course important to give all these destinations a chance. That way you can always have a nice holiday. You can choose something different every holiday. You will never be bored with these top destinations. You can even visit the big gambling cities like Macau and Las Vegas several times and not have seen everything. That makes it all that much more attractive. It’s nice to just discover everything for yourself and see what suits you best.

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