Difference Between Baltic and English Casino

Casino gambling is international entertainment that varies just in detail in different countries. Though the casino was invented in Italy, nowadays, an English casino and gambling system is considered a classic standard with a long modern history of gambling.

Gambling in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania was officially allowed in 2017, but it has already got unique distinctive features. Let’s discover them.

Baltic and English Casinos Comparision

Both English and Baltic casinos include the same main kinds of games: slots, cards (poker and baccarat), roulettes, and dice. Online casinos often widen their selections with instant games, lotteries, sports, and esports betting. English and Baltic casino games are qualified as games of chance, in online casinos, their results are determined by RNG and absolutely random. 

The main difference between the specifics of English and Baltic gambling is determined by the following antitheses that are mostly caused by national policy.

Gambling Restriction VS Gambling Facilitating

The UK government strives to decrease the number of casinos and gamblers: it develops the Gamestop system and regulates all gambling details. In the UK, it’s extremely hard to obtain a license, especially for a new gambling company without a reputation. The government forbids numerous bonus kinds and limits their amounts, determines possible casino locations, and prevents the appearance of casino advertising at the most catching time and places.

The governments of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have another aim. They refused of fighting against casinos and try to make gambling an absolutely legit and clear economic sphere that pays taxes. In these countries, there are not many strict gambling laws, though minor gambling and gambling credits are clearly prohibited. Getting a gambling license is as easy as for any other business. The Baltic land-based casino cannot be located near schools and colleges but is allowed in business districts and residential areas. Online casinos (you can find the list of the best examples at eestikasiinod.info are available for adult citizens. 

Casino for Financially Free VS Casino for Everyone

In both English and Baltic casinos, there are categories of citizens that are not allowed to gamble: minors, gamble-addicted (by a doctor’s prescription), and self-excluded persons. The main difference is made by citizens with a low income. In the UK, spending your social pension on casinos and any other entertainment is forbidden. In Baltic countries, all citizens may decide themselves if they can or can’t gamble.

Weak Competition VS Strong Competition

At first glance, strict gambling measures in the UK must enforce the best casinos and eliminate weaker brands. But the result is the opposite: there are too few casinos to continue the market competition, and gambling services reduced by the government do not develop and even worsen. Since license obtaining is an almost impossible mission, new brands cannot enter the market and fix the situation.

Baltic casinos are in contrary conditions. Almost every honest businessman may set up a casino. An overcrowded market in a small country with a population of 1-3 million causes strong competition and bursting casino evolution. Though gambling was legitimized in Baltic countries not long ago, Baltic casinos already have enormous game sets with huge jackpots, impressive bonus systems, well-developed safe and convenient sites, customer support 24/7, mobile options, crypto payment, and multiple other advantages. 

Tax-Less Prizes VS Winning Taxes

In the UK, slot, roulette, cards, and other prizes are paid to a winner in their full size. Gambling winning is a random event that cannot be determined as an income source. But casinos are considered a business and must pay taxes.

In Baltic countries, taxes are obligatory for both players and casinos. On average, players pay:

  • 5% in Estonia;
  • 18% in Lithuania;
  • 28-31% in Latvia.

Baltic Casino: English Quality, Wide Variety, More Flexibility

Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian casino combines the quality of a mature English house with the flexibility of a young Baltic market. Baltic casinos, especially online houses, will provide more and more benefits to gamblers across the world, integrating the best world solution and inventing their own improvements. If you have never been playing at a Baltic casino, it is time to sign up.

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