Entertainment Trends of 2022

Most of us use our phones to entertain ourselves. It’s clear in the entertainment trends of 2022 that smartphones play an increasingly bigger role. Some of the entertainment trends of 2022 are social media platforms, online games and podcasts. Read more about them here.

Entertainment is taking up a bigger part of our lives than previously. The selection of entertainment choices is bigger than ever before and keeps on growing. During lockdown many types of digital entertainment rose in popularity as people had much more time. People not only had a lot of time, they were also bored and seeking social stimulation and entertainment. Especially some types of entertainment are becoming bigger and bigger by the minute.

Social media platforms are growing

It’s no surprise that social media platforms are one of the most popular ways to entertain oneself. Today they are just as much about entertainment as about being social. Many of us spend several hours each and every day on our phones. A lot of that time is spent on social media platforms. Social media platforms meet so many of our needs. This is where we interact, where we’re entertained, where we find inspiration, do our shopping and so on.

A platform like TikTok is a great example of a trending social media platform. This video sharing platform has exploded in a couple of years. At the moment it’s close to being the most important social media platform – and it will continue to grow.

Online games are everywhere

More and more people like to play online games. As we spend more and more time on our phones, we’ve naturally incorporated mobile gaming in our routine as well. Today, mobile gaming is one of the most popular types of gaming. Almost everyone with a smartphone likes to play games on it. One of the developers that make all kinds of games including online casino games is https://www.yggdrasilcasino.com/

Some of the most popular games at all are the most simple of games. A type of game that is super popular is the hyper-casual games. These are basically games where you have to do a very simple task like dressing someone for example. Other popular games are puzzle games and brain games. But it’s not only mobile gaming that is becoming bigger. At the moment, the gaming industry is growing in all areas as more and more people learn the joys of playing online games. 

Podcasts on the rise

In the last few years podcasts have gone from niche to mainstream. Today most people listen to podcasts and the market for podcasts is massive. But just a few years ago, no one was listening to podcasts. The lockdown definitely played a massive role in the rise of podcasts. As it is now, it’s difficult to imagine that people weren’t using podcasts as an essential source of entertainment and knowledge. Every year podcasts reach new records and it’s becoming completely clear that podcasts are here to stay.

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