New Finders Keepers TV series starring Neil Morrissey, Fay Ripley, and James Buckley

Get ready for a thrilling ride as the new drama, Finders Keepers, makes its debut on Channel 5, featuring a stellar cast including Neil Morrissey, James Buckley, and Fay Ripley. This suspenseful series takes viewers on a captivating journey, blending elements of discovery, moral dilemmas, and the consequences of one fateful choice.

Meet the Cast of Finders Keepers

Explore the ensemble of talented actors who bring the characters to life:

  • Neil Morrissey as Martin Stone
  • James Buckley as Ashley Taylor
  • Fay Ripley as Anne Stone
  • Jessica Rhodes as Laura Stone
  • Rakhee Thakrar as DS Carole Doyle
  • Shane Attwooll as Greg ‘Rocky’ Rock
  • Brendan Coyle as Denys Elland

Dive into the intricate plot as these actors navigate the twists and turns of a storyline that combines the allure of treasure hunting with the complexities of human nature.

The Premise: A Saxon Treasure Unveiled

In the scenic countryside of Somerset, we meet Martin Stone, a devoted local history enthusiast, and family man. Juggling financial pressures, including the needs of his disabled son Josh and the upcoming wedding of his daughter Laura, Martin’s life takes an unexpected turn during a metal detecting outing with his friend Ashley.

Their discovery of a cache of Saxon treasure, potentially worth millions, catapults them into a moral dilemma. Should they follow the legal path and report their find, or succumb to the temptation of collaborating with Rocky, Ashley’s former criminal associate, to sell it in secret?

The Web of Deceit and Murder Suspicion

As Martin and Ashley grapple with this ethical quandary, they find themselves ensnared in a dangerous web of deceit and murder suspicion. The stakes are raised when DS Carole Doyle from the Greater London Police enters the scene, intensifying the tensions.

Trapped between the notorious local troublemaker Rocky and the relentless DS Doyle, Martin is driven to the edge. Motivated by financial gain and the desire to protect his family, he embarks on a journey that leads to tragic outcomes, jeopardizing the once peaceful existence of his family.

Unraveling the Characters: Martin Stone, Ashley Taylor, and More

Martin Stone: A Devoted History Enthusiast

Neil Morrissey’s portrayal of Martin Stone paints a picture of a dedicated local history enthusiast and family man. His character’s journey from a tranquil life to the complexities of moral decisions adds layers to the narrative.

Ashley Taylor: Friend or Foe?

James Buckley brings Ashley Taylor to life, a character caught between loyalty and the allure of quick riches. Ashley’s past as a criminal associate and his role in the unfolding events create a dynamic character arc.

Anne Stone: Navigating Family Pressures

Fay Ripley takes on the role of Anne Stone, Martin’s wife, who, along with her husband, strives to make ends meet. The financial pressures, coupled with the complexities of their discoveries, test the strength of their familial bonds.

DS Carole Doyle: A Determined Investigator

Rakhee Thakrar’s portrayal of DS Carole Doyle adds an investigative element to the series. As a determined officer from the Greater London Police, she adds an extra layer of tension, determined to uncover the truth.

A Riveting Start: Episode One Overview

Finders Keepers kicks off its journey on Wednesday, 17 January at 9 PM on Channel 5. The opening episode introduces Martin Stone, a character deeply connected to local history and committed to his family. The challenges of caring for his disabled son Josh and financing his daughter Laura’s wedding set the stage for the unexpected discovery during a metal detecting outing.

As Martin and Ashley grapple with the moral dilemma posed by the Saxon treasure, viewers are thrust into a world where choices have far-reaching consequences. The balance between legality and temptation forms the crux of the narrative, promising an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Previously Known as The Hoard: Anticipation Builds

Originally announced in 2023 under the name The Hoard, the series has undergone a transformation into Finders Keepers. This change hints at the evolving nature of the storyline, promising viewers surprises and twists as they delve into the world of treasure, morality, and suspense.

Don’t miss out on the excitement as Finders Keepers unfolds its intricate plot, revealing the consequences of the choices made by Martin, Ashley, and the intriguing cast of characters. This drama guarantees a rollercoaster of emotions, blending the thrill of discovery with the complexities of human nature.

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