How AI gaming highlights can help you stay on top of eSports broadcasting

The eSports market is a big deal right now. Now it is the time when your mom has nothing on you: you most surely can play video games and get paid for it.

Increasing recognition in the genre, boosted investment and technological advancements have really made it a popular pastime: back in autumn of 2022, the CS:GO Rio major held a match between G2 and Team Spirit which had a whopping 704,221 concurrent viewers.

How do you get numbers like that?

Well, automation can help you bring in those. Wanna know how?

Promoting eSports content

In many ways, eSports broadcasts are much alike their traditional counterparts. But instead of a field with people in jerseys running around, you have a room with people in jerseys sitting behind two large desks.

From the broadcasting point of view, the process is pretty similar: you have your cameramen running around taking shots of teams communicating and reacting to the game. One thing that is different is that apart from those cameramen there are streams of screens grabs from players’ computers.

And then you have a crew in the backroom managing all those different streams of footage. That part is also pretty much the same as with the regular sports broadcasting.

And just as with the sports broadcasts, eSports events are pretty lengthy, which is not ideal from the promotion side.

What do you do with long-form content promotion?


You give them the good stuff. The highlights.

The issue with creating eSports highlight reels

Let’s not beat around the bush here: the major issue of creating the eSports highlights is the time it takes to do it.

Content on social media comes and goes really fast, and the posting consistency still applies. Which means you better post as quickly as possible if you want to reach a sizable audience.

But there is a problem with pumping highlights reels out as quickly as possible — sometimes that “possible” might not be quick enough. In order to cut the reels, you would need to:

  • sit through hours of the game footage;
  • select the right shots;
  • edit them together, add graphics, effects, and what have you.

All of that adds up to a considerable amount of time, while everyone watching the game live can grab their phone, record the clutch or player raging, and put it out on TikTok.

How do you make highlights quicker than that? Automate the process.

AI gaming highlights ensure you stay on top

AI gaming highlights software can take over the entire process of making best moments reels for eSports broadcasts.

Here’s the simple breakdown of the pipeline that you get from such tools:

  • The software analyzes the game footage, breaking it down into individual frames and studying it for points of interest;
  • Having the points of interest pinned down, the solution picks them out according to the parameters set by the user: high tension, drama, brawls, summary, etc.;
  • The tool cuts the clips from the footage and edits them together.

Now you don’t have to touch the editing software at all. Just give the automated highlights generator the footage and it will do the rest for you.

But as always, there are concerns the media industry might have about going all AI on eSports highlights creation. So let’s address those.


The major concern for most would be the accuracy. It is easy to doubt that a completely automated tool can deliver video highlights for eSports of high quality — after all, how can it tell whether the moment in the footage is worthy of a highlight?

Well, it can. If you do it right.

Doing it right means going a bit deeper than relying solely on computer vision or object recognition technology. Using cognitive computing capabilities, probabilistic AI, and mathematical modeling, the software can analyze the visual dynamics and understand the importance of a particular moment.

After that, taking those important moments and editing them into a gaming highlight compilation is the easiest part.


That’s the whole point of automation, right? A regular human editor may spend several hours watching the game footage and cutting the best moments from it.

On the other hand, the AI highlights generator can do that 50 times faster. In addition, it does necessarily need the footage after the eSports event ends: you can feed it the stream as well and get highlights as the event unfolds.

Bottom line

In conclusion, AI gaming highlights generators gives a broadcaster an edge in terms of content delivery. Now you can make highlights very quickly and easily keep up with your posting schedule, grow the audience on social media, strengthen your presence in online space, and get more people to enjoy your eSports broadcasts.

On top of that, that speed comes with consistent accuracy as well. The software solution can accurately pinpoint the most important point of the eSports event and have it cut into a compilation along with the others.

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