How Does Vape Work?

Recently, vape pens have become people’s choice because they are portable and can fit into your pocket. The popularity of vaping is rapidly increasing because it provides the freedom to experiment and quit smoking.

Parts of Vape Pen

The vape pen is an electronic device with various parts that help vape. 

  • Mouth Piece

It is the upper part of the CBD vape pen, used to keep in the mouth to inhale the smoke. You can easily find out the mouthpiece as vapor exists from here. It comes in different shapes and sizes according to the vape.

  • Battery

It is a crucial part of a vape pen because it generates electricity to heat the content. Most of the product contains lithium-ion batteries, and vaping is no different from them. The battery comes in various power and the vaping time depends on the battery’s power. There are two types of vapes: manual and automatic. Automatic vape contains lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, while manual vape contains a battery that is not rechargeable, and you have to change the battery after it gets down. 

  • Heating Element

One of the crucial parts of a vape pen is that it is responsible for converting liquid to vapor and sending it to the mouthpiece. Metal is a heating element and comes in different shapes and sizes.

  • Temperature Setting

Vapes have a temperature setting feature that helps change the effects of vapor responsible for nicotine strength. Every vape pen provides the option to change the temperature.

  • Tank/Cartridge

Every vape pen has a storage area for the liquid, known as the tank or cartridge. The shape and size of the cartridge vary depending on the vape, and you can refill the cartridge with oil according to your needs. Many websites offer e-cigarette refills delivery

What Is a Vape Pen?

It is an electronic device that heats the CBD liquid and provides the throat with nicotine. It helps people to quit smoking. The vape pen is also known as E-cigarette because it contains a battery to heat the liquid. Since vaping doesn’t contain tobacco, it is not associated with cigarette-related diseases.

Vape contains cartridges that store liquid. When you activate the vape pen, an electric current is passed that heats the element. The heating element vaporizes the liquid, and people inhale the vapor with the help of the mouthpiece that is a part of the vape.

There are two ways of vaping: direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung(MTL). The vaping process depends upon the device as DTL stands for inhaling the vapor directly, and MTL stands for holding the smoke in your mouth, inhaling and exhaling.

Difference Between Vape Pen and Cigarette

The vape pen is an electronic device, and cigarettes are traditionally used products containing tobacco. Both provide nicotine to the throat as CBD vape heats the liquid and converts it into smoke, while a cigarette burns the tobacco.

Smoking tobacco is believed to be more harmful to health, and that’s why more experts recommend quitting smoking. Burning tobacco is dangerous for health because of its incomplete combustion. Vaping doesn’t have incomplete combustion as CBD vapes contain cartridges containing liquid, and THC and CBD are the most used for vaping.

The ingredients and delivery of smoke are also different in smoking and vaping. People use pre-roll, bongs, or pipes for smoking, and it uses dry plant parts and burns them. While most vape uses a cartridge to contain the liquid, you can use different oil according to the device and your taste.

The only difference is that smoking cigarette provides nicotine after burning tobacco, and the amount of nicotine is fixed. Vaping delivers nicotine after converting liquid to vapor, and you can change the amount of nicotine. Vape pen allows you to choose the nicotine percentage and strength according to your tolerance level.

The cigarette price is much lower than a vape pen, but vaping is affordable in the long run. People can choose the flavor of CBD vapes without thinking much about odor.  

You will know the actual price difference when you calculate the cost of all the cigarettes you smoke and a vape pen in one month. Buying a vape is a one-time investment. 


Vaping has become popular among the younger generation as an alternative to smoking. A CBD vape pen is an electronic device and doesn’t contain tobacco, while cigarettes are dangerous for your health because of the incomplete combustion of tobacco. Vape doesn’t contain tobacco and provides nicotine by heating the liquid oil in the cartridge. Vape pens have several parts, like a mouthpiece, battery, heating element, tank, and temperature setting. The mouthpiece is used to inhale the vapor, the battery provides the electric current to the heating element, it heats the liquid, the tank or cartridge contains the oil, and the temperature setting gives options to change the nicotine percentage.

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