How Technology Is Driving Bingo in New Directions

Bingo maybe isn’t the first game that you think of when considering how technology is changing our lives. Yet, this is a great example of how the latest tech can be used to drive a classic game in completely new directions without losing sight of what made it special in the first place.

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Slots and Bingo Are More Closely Linked

The arrival of online bingo jackpots, using complex algorithms to add a small portion of each wager to the pot, has added a new edge to this game by giving players the chance to aim for bigger prizes. Yet, as well as bingo games with jackpots, we also see slots listed here on the same site. In fact, looking at the branded Deal or No Deal games we find a selection of bingo titles and slots based on this same theme, with different game mechanics used to provide different experiences.

This is part of the move towards bingo and slots being more closely linked online, and it makes sense since anyone who enjoys playing bingo should also be interested in playing slots. One interesting outcome of this so far is the range of Slingo games, which include a format somewhere between bingo and slots, giving a different way of playing that has proved to be popular. All of these games use a random number generator to make them simple games of chance where no one knows what will happen.

Mobile Bingo Keeps on Growing

The emergence of mobile bingo is another move that has been made possible due to new technology, and this makes a lot of sense as a viable alternative to playing on a laptop. Playing bingo on a mobile device adds flexibility and allows players to fit the game around their lifestyle rather than being tied to playing at certain times.

Since it involves a simple presentation, moving the game of bingo to a mobile basis might not seem such a major achievement. Yet, the real challenge for developers was in providing the same variety of games and social experience found on the desktop versions of these sites. Currently, the mobile-friendly nature of bingo sites and the use of HTML5 code means that switching to mobile is a seamless process.

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Live Video and Other Possible Changes

To get an idea of where online bingo could go in the future, we can have a look at other parts of the online gambling sector. For instance, table games like roulette have been revolutionized thanks to the introduction of live-streaming technology. These games have a live human dealer who presents the action and carries out the role of spinning the wheel or handing out cards.

It’s easy to imagine this form of presentation taking off in bingo too, with the role of the bingo caller traditionally such an important and entertaining aspect of the game. It also seems certain that other types of technology, such as artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and virtual reality, are put to good use in giving us different ways of playing bingo.

The real achievement of online bingo has been to attract new players by moving in this new direction, but without losing the original sense of what the game is about. This means that a mixture of newcomers and experienced players are attracted to online games, expanding their appeal in a sustainable way.

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