How to Complete Your CGC Graded Comic Books Collections

The concept of grading comic books isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around since 2000, when Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) came into existence. Since then, the hobby of collecting comic books hasn’t been the same. CGC graded comics are now widely preferred by comic book enthusiasts. 

While CGC’s grading scale has attracted its own share of hullabaloo, it has still managed to make a mark on the comics industry. Those interested in having their collection appraised look upon the grading system as the touchstone for ascertaining the comic’s value. 

CGC is essentially a comic book grading service that helps comic books’ afficionados determine if the book they’re looking to buy is conserved or restored. It also awards a specific grade to the books, which is why CGC comics are easier to resell in the market. 

There’s no doubt that buying graded comic books is exciting. However, it is crucial to consider the following five factors to ensure you’re putting your money in the right place. 

  1. What Type of Comics Do You Want?

Before you actually get down to buying CGC comics, you need to be certain about one thing – which type of comic books do you want to buy? 

You can choose from various options, such as a favorite superhero series, vintage high-end comics, current comics, underground comix, comic strips, graphic novels, manga comics, and so on. You can also base your choice on specific artists or publishers. 

If your budget allows it, prefer high-end comics for your collection. If not, invest in current comics that you think have the potential to grow in value in the future. Of course, you can also buy a combination of both. 

  1. What Do You Know about CGC Comics Grading System?

To ensure you’re adding the right graded comic books to your collection, acquaint yourself with the comic book grading process followed by CGC. 

It is fairly simple. The package is opened by the receiving department to verify the contents and check for damage. Once this is done, information about the comic book is entered into a computerized database. This makes it easy to track the book throughout the grading process.

The book is then wrapped in a protective mylar sleeve, labeled, and stored at a particular temperature. A CGC professional reviews the comic book for any previous restoration work. The findings are mentioned on the certification label. 

CGC further evaluates the physical condition of the book. For instance, they check for the page count, content quality, distinctive features and defects (tears, crinkles, spine ruptures, faded colors/print, and so on). Thereafter, opinions of three professional graders and the approval of a final primary grader are sought. Based on all these factors, a final CGC grade is granted to the book. 

CGC uses a system to reflect the state and value of the comic books. 10 is the highest grade (indicating “Gem Mint” condition), while 0.5 is the lowest (indicating “Poor” condition).  

Upon being graded, the comic book is awarded a bar-coded grading certificate. It is then encapsulated in a transparent sleeve. A final quality check is conducted to verify the correctness of the label and if any defects have occurred since the grading. Post this, the CGC graded comics book is either collected by or shipped to its owner. 

Before buying a CGC comics book, you should visit the CGC website to learn more about the comic book grading process. 

  1. Do You Have a Price Guide?

Try and get your hands on a copy of the comic book price guide to discover the real worth of your CGC comic book. The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, ComicBase, and the Comics Buyer’s Guide Standard Catalog of Comic Books are some of the most credible comics price catalogs out there. 

Apart from these, you can check out the following online comic price guides:

  1. Where to Buy CGC Graded Comics Books?

Your search for CGC comics may take you to expected and unexpected places. Usually, you’d buy them at local comic book shops or comic cons, but that can be expensive. Fortunately, you can buy them at lower prices through these online sources:

  • Online auction sites, like eBay
  • Onlne dealers
  • Search engines, like Comic Query   
  • Online forums and communities, like Reddit 

Some of these platforms will allow you to hobnob with other comic book buffs. You can share information with them, as well as buy and sell your CGC comic books. 

  1. How to Buy CGC Graded Comics Books Online?

While the above sources will enable you to find graded comic books of your liking, you should consider the following factors before making any payment.

  • Price Comparison

The biggest advantage of buying CGC comics on the internet is that you can easily compare prices offered by various online retailers. This, in turn, enables buyers to find the best deals available.

  • Seller’s Credibility

Use the internet to know more about your chosen seller of graded comic books. Do your research and look for feedback, ratings, and reviews on online platforms. Read what other buyers are saying about the seller. Find out if the seller has authentic credentials, if they offer a money-back guarantee, and their terms and conditions.  

  • Purchase Terms and Conditions

Familiarize yourself thoroughly with your intended purchase. Read the fine print carefully, find out the shipping timeline and the total delivery costs. Make sure the dealer you buy from insures the CGC comics before shipping them.  


Graded comic books are always going to be in high demand. Getting a CGC rating will instantly enhance the value of your comic books collection. Of course, it is super important that you understand how CGC’s grading process works. Hopefully, the above pointers will help you build and complete your CGC graded comics books collection to your satisfaction.  

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