How to Find the Best Chillums? Design, Material, and Other Considerations!

Chillums are a traditional way of smoking without papers as it is done with blunts and have been used since the 18th century in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. 

In short, the small pipe that can be described as an Indian stone pipe with the handle fixed at the end opposite from the bowl. Once it’s has been loaded, it is smoked by inhaling through the mouthpiece. According to reports, the sales of legalized cannabis in the US are projected to grow at a compound rate of 14 percent to reach $29.7 billion by 2025.

While smoking, you must use a heat-proof lighter, as it is not advisable to put the flame directly on the material. The best chillums are made from clay, stone, or wood. The wooden has a tree ring at the end of its stem so you can hold on to it while smoking. 

The following guide will explain what you need to know about pipes. 

What are Pipes?

A small pipe described as an Indian stone pipe with the handle fixed at the end opposite the bowl. Once the has been loaded, it is smoked by inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Portable and easily concealable, perfect for on-the-go smoking adventures. These smoking devices are inexpensive and easy to use.

Similar to a hookah or getting high from a bong or pipe. Even so, the best chillums tend to be more compact and much less bulky than their older brother.

Features to Check While Buying


The design is not very important, but it does matter. There are mainly two types of design. One is the traditional open mouthpiece which allows smoke to pass through right at the top of the chamber before inhalation, while others have a small hole in one end for this exact purpose. It can be closed by the thumb, while the other end may be open or closed.

Quality and Material 

To get the best experience, you must get a good quality. A few materials are explained below:

1. Clay

Clay chillums are the most common. They provide a smooth and clean smoke, making it nearly impossible to clog your pipe with tar. Also, clay is very easy to work with and allows you to create unique designs or hollow chambers. It can be expensive because of the time and effort needed for production. 

2. Stone

The stone is made of unglazed natural clay, but unlike the clay version, it is not porous. It does not absorb the resin, making cleaning significantly more accessible than any other material.

Because there are no grooves or crevices to catch tar, it also tends to last longer. And like clay, you can create unique features such as grooves and carvings in the stone. It is more costly than wood or glass because of the effort to produce this type.

3. Wood

Wooden are typically small, making them helpful in taking on your travels. They offer a smooth smoke, but it may be more challenging to clean than the clay version. Also, you can make your designs and carvings on wooden by using tools such as knives or sandpaper.


The price of a depends on its quality and material. Since clay is easier to work with, it tends to be more expensive than glass or wood. The type of material you want also plays a role in the price.


If the is not cleaned correctly, it can get clogged with tar and resin by repeated use. It can make it hard to pass the smoke through when you try to inhale. Also, if the is not cleaned well after every use, it can get dirty.

You should clean your every time you use it to avoid clogs and keep the inside chamber clean. It also helps prevent future breakage, which is expected if the inside of your device is covered by too much resin or tar.

When cleaning a wooden, make sure you don’t soak it in water as it can warp the wood. If you are using a dry one, use some alcohol or cleaning solution on the inside of the mouthpiece to remove any unwanted residue.

Final Thoughts

They can get clogged by resin and tar over time, so it is essential to clean the inside of your device after each use properly. What you choose depends on personal preference, but at the end of the day, you will get a good experience regardless.

You must buy these smoking devices from an excellent dealer to ensure they are high quality and, most importantly, safe. Most dealers provide their custom designs, so you can create your unique, which nobody else has.

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