Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Trailer 2 See’s Harrison Ford’s Adventurer on a New Quest

Harrison Ford’s final outing as Indiana Jones is set to see the franchise go out with a bang in a new action-packed adventure.

Indiana Jones is back this summer for one last adventure, and the Super Bowl delivered a new trailer to get everyone in the mood for the original action hero to return to crack his whip a final time in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Having been delayed due to both Covid shooting restrictions and injuries sustained by star Harrison Ford on set, the fifth and final Indiana Jones movie promises to deliver everything that makes the Lucasfilm franchise one of the most loved in cinema history. Check out the new trailer below.

While Steven Spielberg stepped down from directing duties on Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the franchise has been left in the more than capable hands of James Mangold. The director, who Spielberg picked to helm the movie, has certainly taken on board the task in front of him and promised that this would be the franchise-ender everyone is hoping for. Responding to early criticism of the movie based on nothing more than some on-set blurry photographs, Mangold said:

“I understand wariness, I live it. I don’t know if I’ll make you happy. But my team & I will knock ourselves out trying to make something good. We admire the craft of the originals. I hope when you see real images, they’ll look better to you than paparazzi shots from bushes. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t let you down. I cherish old Hollywood pictures. Give me a little air to make the film. Then make your judgments, okay?”

Indiana Jones and the Dial Of Destiny Is Harrison Ford’s Goodbye to the Character

Harrison Ford is not a young man anymore, which he is well aware of and is addressed in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. However, the actor recently explained that he “always wanted to do it. I wanted to do the rest of the story and see the end of his career.” Ford also confirmed that there is no doubt in his mind that this is the last time he will pull on the fedora and head off in search of ancient mythological relics.

Despite Ford’s departure from the franchise, director James Mangold has made it clear that there are no plans to ever see anyone take on the name of Indiana Jones in the wake of the actor’s exit. He previously said in response to rumors of Indiana Jones getting “replaced,” by stating:

“One more time. No one is ‘taking over’ or replacing Indy or donning his hat nor is he being ‘erased’ thru some contrivance- and he never was, not not in any cut or script – but trolls will troll – that’s how they get their clicks. And please don’t exhaust me pointing out how once in a while a troll is ‘right.’ Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now & then. All one has to do is look at set photos & interviews & u get enough info to make wild guesses about a movie plot.”

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will be released on June 30.

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