Learning to Love the Cinema Again: A Guide

During the coronavirus pandemic, many activities and luxuries that you might have gotten to in your daily life became restricted. This has certainly allowed the novelty to return to these activities now that you can access them again, but it also raises a question of risk, and whether or not the stay-at-home alternatives to these activities are actually superior to the original that they replaced.

The cinema is a prime example of this, and in order to allow new releases to make their way to audiences during the pandemic, many streaming services provide access to these movies on release-day for an additional fee. This means that you can watch even the newest of films within your own home, but perhaps there is something to be gained by returning to the cinema.

The Social Aspect

Going to the cinema isn’t just going to see a movie that you could otherwise watch at home, it’s an event. This is something that can be really felt when you go to the cinema in a group. The atmosphere and total engagement with the movie throughout its duration captures everyone’s attention, and so when you leave, you have only experienced half of the day, next comes the discussion.

This is a great opportunity for you to go out for a meal, or to a bar and hear everyone else’s perspective on what you’ve just seen, giving plenty of conversational fuel for the night ahead. 

The Cons of Home Viewing

Being able to watch these new movies in the comfort of your own home is certainly convenient, there’s no doubt about that. You might find that another positive of watching these releases at home is that you can entertain yourself in the background, using your phone to scroll through social media or visit the top mobile casinos in the UK, but this lack of focus could prove to be a negative, especially as these games are so much fun.

The factor of convenience is an important consideration, but if you’re looking to truly get the most out of the experience of seeing this new film, convenience might be a small price to pay. 

Part of the joy of watching movies in the cinema, is that they demand your attention, not only by encouraging you to put your phone away, but by consuming your interest with a high-quality picture and the appropriate sound system.

The Craft of the Film

Maybe it’s not just the cinema experience that you’ve fallen out of love with, but the whole passion of movies entirely. If this is the case, going back to the cinema and experiencing films where they are meant to be experienced could be exactly what you need to trigger a renaissance of your interest.

This could be followed up by you experiencing your old favorites, or perhaps delving into classics that you’ve never seen before. Once you’ve crossed these off of the list, it might be a good idea to look towards the future, finding new gems that have received attention of acclaim since you stopped paying attention. 

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