Sylvester Stallone Will Put You On The Spot If Taken Advantage Of While Signing Autographs In Public

Meeting a celeb can sonetimes be tricky business, especially when autographs enter the mix. We’ve seen stars like Harrison Ford put fans on blast for getting a little too eager over an autograph. Certain stars don’t put up with it, like Dave Grohl who completely dipped with  fans when being asked for autographs (A video I saw again last night on TikTok).

Our editor and showbiz journalist Mark Boardman was doing some filming in London for channel 4 at a London film premiere having purchased 6 photos of Sly from a local poster store (selling 5 to his colleagues at face value) then Stallone meeting Boardman refused to sign as he had already signed the same photo five times!

Even casual conversations with celebs don’t always go well. Simon Helberg of The Big Bang Theory recalls constantly being told how bad his sitcom was.

In this case, we can all agree Stallone was a class act and doing his best to sign for fans. However, he wasn’t having it when certain autograph-seekers tried taking advantage of him. We’ll take a look at how it all went down, and why fans were left disappointed at a separate event.

Sylvester Stallone Left Fans Very Upset When He Left An Event Earlier Than Expected

In late 2022, Sylvester Stallone left fans angry, as he dipped from a ‘Experience With Sylvester Stallone LIVE‘ event. The price tag for the evening was an expensive one, ranging between $750 and $1,250. For certain fans, this would also include a photo. However, Stallone left the event earlier than expected, and it was not the best look, especially for the fans.

There were contradicting stories to come out as to why Stallone left earlier than expected. One report made mention that the actor wasn’t feeling good.

“The reason the photos did not go as planned is that Mr Stallone had to leave the event earlier than expected and was not feeling 100 per cent. Our events can be very demanding, we have to respect the celebrities’ wishes at all times”.

However, Outlook noted that the company, Experience With, were the ones that were at fault. Stallone was scheduled to appear for a certain amount of time and in fact, he had already gone overboard with his requested time.

“A source close to the actor told the outlet that Sly’s contract only committed him to a certain time for the photo-ops and that he stayed longer than he was obligated to. The source is reported to have blamed the event organisers for overselling the amount of packages available during the limited amount of time allotted.”

There was certainly some type of miscommunication as Stallone tends to be great with the fans. However, don’t try fooling the actor into signing multiple items.

Sylvester Stallone Put A Fan On The Spot For Making Him Sign Multiple Items

Don’t take advantage of Sly, because he’ll put you on the spot, and maybe even threaten you! Of course, Stallone was joking around, but kind of serious… As seen in the video below at the start, a fan tries to get multiple autographs by constantly flipping the page of his blank book.

Stallone already seems irritated after he signs twice, and has enough at the third attempt telling the fan, “if you ask for a third one I’m going to punch you in the face.”

Stallone would even throw a fake punch. We assume the kid fled the scene shortly after, and was content with his two signatures.

That was the theme throughout the video, as Stallone gladly signs autographs, but gets irritated when fans get greedy and try to get multiple autos from the legendary actor.

Fans on YouTube praised Stallone for his patience and class during the moment.

Fans Praised Sylvester Stallone For The Way He Handled Autograph-Seekers

In the comment section of the video, fans were praising Stallone for his patience, especially given that most of the autographs would be sold online. The most liked comment of the video credited the actor for not being arrogant like he seems to be in films.

“He is actually very patient and nice. Most of these guys sell the autographs online for money – very few actual fans in the mix. Stallone is a good sport, does not appear like an arrogant movie star at all.”

Another fan mentioned that instead of asking for an autograph, he’d just tell the actor thank you, while praising his great career.

“I would go up to him, not ask for autograph and thank him for all that he has done and for all the inspiration and childhood memories! I stood up to bullies because of him! Long live Rocky! Long live Stallone.”

Credit to Stallone for giving the fans his time, as other actors might’ve dipped from the back and avoided the circus outside.

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