The Art of Bonus Hunting at Slot

Streaming has become a very enjoyable pastime for many, with much of the world’s population jumping on social platforms like Twitch in order to watch others do a variety of different things live while being able to engage with them and interact.

The casino industry has had its fair share of new trends emerge over the years through streaming platforms, with bonus hunting having become one of the most notable in recent years.

What is bonus hunting?

Bonus hunting is the process whereby streamers continue to play their favourite slot games and aim to trigger the free spins feature that can typically be activated. However, they will not play these games immediately, as they will quit the game before it starts and save them for later. Streamers will typically repeat this process a number of times, or until they have reached their limits.

Once they have accomplished their goal, they will then return to the games they have triggered the bonus feature in, and then play them back to back.

Why has bonus hunting become so appealing?

Bonus hunting on slot games has become very appealing to a wide audience for various reasons. One of the biggest is because it adds a new layer of excitement and thrill to the entire gambling experience.

Players are now left in a little more suspense than they would be if they were to be playing the chosen titles in an ordinary way, as they have to wait until they have accomplished the feat a number of times. Once they do, the wins which can be obtained all in one go by playing these bonus features one after the other can also help to make the entire experience more enthralling as win after win may occur.

This type of gameplay can also be very engaging as viewers can interact and get involved with the streamer, as they may be able to make the decisions regarding the bonus feature to have been triggered. This helps the content creator to build a community while enhancing their reputation and potentially attracting newer viewers to their channel.

Types of bonus hunting

There are two different types of bonus hunting slot players are enjoying, with one using their own money and playing in a traditional way, while the other may involve using the feature buy-in methods where available.

Most streamers using their own money will utilise any available bonuses that may be possible to obtain in order to make their cash go further. The 32Red bonus wagering requirements make the British operator a favourite for some, as they can potentially withdraw any winnings that are made when using a promotion from the site if they strike big.

The non-buy-in version of bonus hunting does typically appeal to more players when streaming, as each session is considered to be a little more realistic. Players have to spin their way to the bonus feature and are unable to “cheat” their way to the round by buying their way to it. Nonetheless, both methods have their fans.

What type of slots are best for bonus hunting?

While most slot titles will feature bonus games that can be triggered and activated, there are some that are better than others when jumping on this trend and style of gaming.

High-volatility slots are always considered to be among the best options available for this type of gaming. While the risk is a lot higher with these titles, they do have the potential to payout the biggest rewards, as well as the main bonus features within a game. Low-volatility slots are unable to do this, thus making streams potentially uninspiring and rather boring to watch and be a part of.

Slots that are based on the book theme are also typically good choices for those bonus hunting, as they usually include expanding symbols as part of the game. These icons can help to provide a number of significant rewards as they will create more combinations when possible. If you can find a book-themed game with a high volatility level, then you could potentially be on to a winner!

New Concept That Is Here To Stay

Bonus hunting is a relatively new concept to the gambling industry, but it is clearly one that is popular with streamers and viewers. The format is a simple one and allows people to enjoy a pastime in an entirely new way, and it does not appear to be showing any signs of slowing down soon.

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