The Perfect Slot Game for Any Major

It can be difficult to convince yourself to stay in the dorms for a night. Whether you’re looking to save a few dollars or just get a good night’s rest, it can still be tough with FOMO to deal with. However, staying in doesn’t have to entail the same old boring Netflix binge session or talking about nothing over FaceTime.

Online and mobile games are a great way to kick back and relax—without getting bored ten minutes later. In fact, games like slots offer a blend of exciting reel-spinning and surprisingly engaging mini-stories. Not only do top platforms roll out free spin offers for newcomers, but they also have dozens of titles to choose from.

There are fantasy themes and action-adventure slots, along with sports, mythology, and retro themes galore. And with slots rising in popularity, top developers like NetEnt and Play’n Go continue to release high RTP titles.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading for a list of spot-on slots that will be a great fit for specific majors.

Pre-Med: Crazy Doctor

Royal Slot Gaming went a wacky route when creating their Crazy Doctor slot. Players are taken on a journey by the game’s Crazy Doctor, who is hellbent on completing his latest experiments and undeterred by his failed attempts. It’s a quirky take on medicine and science that any pre-med student who spends their days buried in textbooks will appreciate.

Sports Medicine: Basketball Strike

Sports-themed slots are one of the most common variations you will find online—and there are slots for just about any sport. Basketball Strike is a great fit for casual and diehard fans of the sport, as the Funky Games project actually involves a virtual basketball game. Rather than the standard spinning reels, Basketball Strike pits two teams against one another, then lets the player figure out which side will win.

Fashion: Fashion TV Highlife

It takes a bold student to declare for a fashion degree—and developers at Spearhead Studios spared no expense in curating a stellar design for their Fashion TV Highlife game. The title includes swanky gold accessories, sleek makeup, fast cars, and all the finer trappings of a high-fashion lifestyle. Even the reel text is plated in platinum.

Engineering: Jackpot Builders

While most engineering majors spend their days handling complex mathematical operations and making precise measurements, they’ll likely spend some time on a construction site at some point in their careers. And what better way to prepare than to dive into Wazdan’s Jackpot Builders? The game combines construction-site symbols with a long list of ways to win.

Business: Oily Business

Just like an engineer might not spend that much time at a construction site, a business tycoon might not spend any time on an oil rig—even if that’s how they make their fortune. Play’n Go released its Oily Business slot back in 2014, and it has remained a popular choice for gamers. The game takes players out to sea on a remote oil rig, where they’ll need to find the perfect combinations of barrels and ships while hoping for a wild or scatter symbol.

Computer Science: Alien Attack

Sure, not all computer science majors will have an interest in outer space (see: astronomy majors). However, Bet2Tech’s Alien Attack includes plenty of tech themes that computer science majors will recognize. The game takes players into the farthest reaches of space, where symbols like lasers and spaceships are part of a sci-fi-themed design.

History: Arabian Nights

As one of the industry’s top developers, NetEnt’s Arabian Nights is a near-perfect blend of story, graphics, and a high RTP. The game’s theme draws on the historical folktales pulled from the classic One Thousand and One Nights. As such, it combines cultural and historical elements from various Middle Eastern eras and traditions, from a scimitar to a desert tent.

Political Science: American Life

This project from Octavian Gaming takes players straight into the heart of American kitsch. The reels include mid-century-themed symbols, from a bright Ford car to a retro airplane. While it might not get into the heart of politics, the game includes plenty of references that political science majors will recognize from their time studying one of America’s most influential eras: the 1950s.

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