What We Learned About Product Development from Online Casinos

No matter the shape or size of your business, the most difficult part of your entrepreneurial journey is likely to be product development. You might have the best idea in the world for a product that people genuinely want, but this will go nowhere if you can’t nail down the development stage.

Product development is a fraught process that has plagued business leaders since time immemorial – the question of how to take a great idea and translate it into tangible products that people can actually use. There are many places to find inspiration in your product development journey, one of which is the tech-savvy digital world of online casinos. If you are looking to develop any digital product, here’s what you can learn from innovative and highly profitable platforms

Merge Ideas Together

One winning product development principle to take from online casinos is that, if you have multiple different product ideas, some of which are compatible, you can merge these into a single product that a greater number of people will enjoy. 

One such is example is the release of so-called Slingo bingo games at Paddy Power, which combines elements of classic, online 75-ball bingo with the gameplay mechanics of online slots. This simple innovation draws in fan bases from both respective games, capitalising on the successes of both markets in one single platform.

In addition, combinations like this allow developers to use existent franchises and themes for visual inspiration, but also afford them the opportunity to try something new should they desire it. For instance, Deal or No Deal is a very popular bingo game in its own right and has gone on to inspire Deal or No Deal Slingo games with most of the same features.

Usability is Key

Too many entrepreneurs focus on the end result or the actual function of their product. Oftentimes, this obsession with the end result comes at the expense of user experience. This is where online casinos know their stuff, often integrating mobile-friendliness and cross-platform functionality into all of their products as a first priority. They go the extra mile to make sure that their product is convenient and accessible, wherever possible, in order to improve user interaction with the site.

Keep User Journey Short

On the topic of user experience, it’s essential that your digital product does not ask too much of the user. People are generally pretty impatient and easily distracted. If you expect users to fill out a 12-page signup form or download separate software before they can use your product, you have already lost them. The best online casinos pre-empt this by obsessively keeping the user journey short. Anyone who wants to sign up to a top casino platform and begin playing games will usually only have to enter a couple of details and click a single button. That’s it. 

Think Like a Buyer 

All too often, entrepreneurs keeping their business hats on when developing products. While this is important for obvious practical reasons, it makes it too easy to lose sight of what your paying customers actually want. Instead of thinking about the benefits of a product from a business perspective, think about how it could help your audience.

In the online casino industry, the most successful brands tend to listen to their audiences and constantly tweak their product offerings in response. That’s why you’ll find tailored offers and schemes that change on a weekly basis, such as cashback and no-deposit deals. A nimble, adaptable product has a better chance of success. 

The online casino industry hit a record-high value of $72 billion this year, partly due to its knack for good product development. If you want your company to succeed in 2022, this is what you can learn from them. 

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