Why do most people lose at slot machines?

Slot games are really popular among adults all over the world, and many people play them hoping to win. However, for most of them, the reality is quite brutal, and they quickly find out, that not only did they not win anything, but most certainly they lost some money. But why is that the case? 

Slot machines’ outcomes are fully random

It may seem like an obvious thing, but it is not possible to foresee whether you will win or lose money on a certain spin. Many people do not know, or just ignore the knowledge that there is no pattern in slot machines. Especially when playing online on new variants of slot machines, such as for example free bitcoin slots, a thing currently quite popular, people do not feel as if they were playing on a conventional machine, that can not be influenced in any way. They often, even subconsciously, believe that their on side behavior influences the outcomes. 

We, as people do like patterns, we try to look for them wherever we can, because it helps our brains understand reality. That is why when we see that there is a certain pattern, we try to use it, even when it has clearly been a coincidence. The belief, even subconscious, that the game can be solved and the outcomes can be predicted keeps people playing and makes them spend more time and money than they normally would. 

Also, sometimes we try to use maths in the moments we shouldn’t. People often believe, that after a few losses in a row, their chances for a win are bigger, and it keeps them playing. But the odds for a win are still completely unchanged. With every spin, there is an equal chance for every single outcome, and previous losses do not influence the winning odds by the next one.

Slot machines do not require any skill

The owner of slot machines will always make money; that is how the machines are supposed to work. The same goes for every other game that is used in gambling, because of a mathematical advantage they have. It has to be beneficial for the owner/host of the game. However, some of them require skill; you can train and try to understand how, for example, poker works, and after time you will know how to win almost every single time. That is not the case when talking about slot machines. 

Slot machines and the outcome you get will not be changed, no matter how you click the button or how strongly you pull the lever. It is not a game that requires skill in any way, you do not have to think or even look at the screen: the outcome will be the same either way. This way also makes it impossible to make sure you will make a profit.

Slot machine games are addictive

When playing on slot machines a vision of a massive win waiting for us is always present. You always have a hope for a huge win and a perspective of earning a lot of money. Moreover, these games are entertaining, the fact that you can not predict whether you will win or lose makes a person more encouraged to keep playing. The flashing lights, sounds, and a lot of happening on a screen lure people and do not let them step away from the machines. And the more you play, the more you lose.

It is true, that you can earn money on slot machines, but you must know when to stop- if you happen to make a profit, be ready that later all you can do is lose. The more you play, the more your outcomes will look like a mathematical probability of winning on the machines- and this does not favor you. And if you feel like you start enjoying the game too much, consider quitting it instantly.


Slot machines are not there to make you rich, and this fact will probably be shown to you quite quickly if you decide to use them. Even though we tend to imagine ourselves after winning the main prize while playing, the chances of winning it are extremely slim. Slot machine games are addicting, completely random, unpredictable, and mathematical odds are against you. The games should certainly not be treated as a way of making money; it is just entertainment and a way to provide your body with hormones such as adrenaline or dopamine. 

The best thing that can be done before using a slot machine is knowing how it works, and being ready to lose some money- treat it as a payment for entertainment, not as an investment, and have a limited amount of money on you.

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